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Friday, July 3, 2015

Death Spiral

We are all sharing a rock that is spinning through space.

This particular rock has been spinning for billions of years.

There have been at least 5 Extinction Level Events (ELEs) known to our sciences.

Man - as we know him - has been around fewer than 200,000 years.

Civilization - as we know it - has been around only about 6,000 years.

The Nature of Man has proved time and again that we are creatures of violence.

Last century well over 100,000,000 men, women and children were murdered by Communists and other tyrants.

The first and only People to set-up a system of governance based on individual, personal Liberty and Natural Rights did so just over about 225 years ago - and it was almost immediately jacked by Federalists.

Just about 70 years after the Constitution was ratified, the Federalist ilk squared-off against fellow Americans who preferred not to be ruled by Washington.  The population in 1860 was 31,500,000.  Nearly 2.5% of the American population died during that war.

There are now more than 10x more people in America than in 1860.  2.5% would equate to a death toll of nearly 8,000,000.  We are 150 years removed from the end of Civil War I.  

This is Life.  Everything is temporary.

The government of Greece is about to confiscate nearly 1/3 of the wealth of her countrymen.  That pattern will repeat itself, even here.

There is going to be a fight.  Everything in our past and our present informs us that there is going to be a fight.

You must be able to shoot, move and communicate.  Get on it.  Everything is temporary - even this period of time that is comfortable and filled with abundance.

Let's win.

Found at Angel's place.


  1. It's always much better to learn when you have the time to learn a skill by study,then lots of practice.
    It always sucks when you have to learn at the last minute,with no time to study,and no time to practice.
    Learn now while there's still a little time-and I do mean a little time.
    Things are going downhill quickly,the leftists are in control of almost everything-and they do mean to rule over us,to be our masters.
    It will be much,much harder for them to complete their plan of total control if more people are trained to resist-and to defend themselves and their families.
    Don't let them win,get training in whatever skills you lack-sooner is better than later.
    Practice what you have learned until it becomes second nature-a part of you,that's how we win.

  2. If it is as bad as it is being said, and I'm not saying it isn't, then why hunker down to take a defensive position?

    If history is replete with example, then the student of history should know the course of events.

    Therefore, what better course than to go onto the offensive and immediately? Would not any of us seek to take out a Hitler or Stalin before they rose to the highest level of their travesty upon humankind?

    Oh, so you don't know who is who? Poppycock, look around! The so--called leaders who seek your destruction are as plain as day. Training is no good if one is not to put to use that which is practiced. And while waiting for that day, however near it be, you are by degree allowing them to chose your field of battle. Alas, that assumes a battle begotten of your resistance. So if it is resistance, if it is a battle, then what are you waiting for? Strike now! is the cry. Fire! For God's sake, fire!

    1. In any fight - in every fight - timing is everything. The slightest, sweetest gal can kill the biggest, meanest guy, if she survives (defends) long enough to deliver a killing blow.

      Everyone I know is using this time to put themselves in better positions for the inevitable fight.

      Soon enough I suspect we will all begin to see Americans defending themselves against tyrants.

  3. There are just under thre billion people who live in abject poverty throughout the world today. And witness the tumult and distress, the violence and animosities which presently exist.

    Now, imagine that the number living in poverty were to suddenly double. Because that is what will happen, when the financial house of cards they have built comes crashing down.

    In less than 2 years nearly two billion people will die, over and above the normal rate, because they are utterly dependent upon "government aid" to survive.

    In the first two years post-collapse, another 1.5 to 2.0 billion people will die as a result of war. Either as direct casualties, or because of famine, disease, and displacement consequent to the distruction of their communities by warring factions, robbing them of their ability to provide for and protect themselves.

    And in every developed nation, the "final war" to determine the ideology by which the entire planet shall be ruled will rage and burn through the streets like a tempest of interminable fire, consuming all in it's course.

    This is the test you shall face, as shall we all.

    What skills and training do you need to face such a test?

    What preps does your family require to endure such an upheaval?

    Who would you like to have at your shoulder, in such an event?

    Get trained. Get prepared. Put your family in a community where you can trust your neighbors.

    Time is short, and life is getting sporty...


  4. How about "Kill a Muslim" Day ?

  5. When the weather is bad outside, sit in the dry and read Sun Tzu. When you can get outside go out and train. Work to get the younger children comfortable handling any firearms they can handle. They might save your life or the lives of others with what you have taught them.


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