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Saturday, July 4, 2015

Face the Ugly Reality: Bernie Sanders

Say what you will about Obama, Hillary and all the others (Ds and Rs) who want the White House - all of them are Reds, though none have the balls to admit it openly.

Bernie Sanders embraces his Socialist label - and he is drawing huge crowds.

Consider that, please.  More than 10,000 people showed up in Iowa to support him and support his message.

However you choose to interpret the support for an open Socialist, one truth remains - Reality will not give a whit for your interpretation.

There are more of Them than of Us.

We do not have 3 percent.

We do not have money, media, or control of any levers of society.  

They have more guns and butter.  They have more snitches.

All we've got is a tiny core of Liberty advocates who are armed.

We have not yet truly demonstrated our mettle.  That remains an open question...

If Independence Day III is to come, let's face it with acceptance of the harsh reality.

At the moment, we are fook'd.

...at the moment...


  1. We may never meet one another except through blogs , emails, & FB, and we will all have different roles ... But hopefully we will all show up.

  2. As you say, at the moment we are fook'd. It is indeed a tiny core who train and prep and truly desire liberty. It will require a catastrophic event to awaken the massive herd of sheep and maybe then, enough will waken up and decide to desire liberty.


  3. After a couple of decades of observing and being involved in the patriot movement, I have come to the sad conclusion that the majority of those who inhabit what used to be America are genetically incapable of comprehending, let alone desiring, liberty.

    The herd is to be followed no matter how much this may conflict with one's ostensible religious or philosophical beliefs, or economic interests.

    We have been reduced to an undesirable minority in a Stalinist system. And it is probably our own fault.

  4. Moments are like peacocks. There is a lot more feather than meat in most of them. Regardless, we are obliged, as you state, to be honest with ourselves about the nature and state of this one.
    But Sun Tzu reminds us that weaknesses can be strengths when pivoted wisely. This one is no different. Our sparseness is a strength, in that we are like needles in the haystack of society - Team Red doesn't have the will to burn the whole haystack down (yet), nor the resources to sift through it all just to pluck us out. This is a major advantage, in that it continues to give us the gift of time. How well we use the time we are being given, is the measure of our wisdom. Soon they *will* begin using fire to destroy our society, as they engage in the next level of escalation towards the "fundamental transformation" which they have promised to inflict upon us all.
    Once that day comes, we will all be faced with a wholly new operational paradigm, and time will not be on our side, as it presently is.

    Use every moment to its fullest, and leave no room for regret, such that on the day of testing you may honestly say that you did all you could.


  5. I'm not the healthiest of patriots, but I try to get the word out, some ppl think they're to dumb to understand what's happening, but just this weekend I think I brought another into the fold. All it takes is education, the more we pass the truth around the bigger we'll get, but beware, some ppl will rat you out in a minute....

  6. Think about those paratroopers in those c-47's. They were outnumbered but jumped anyways. Many lost weapons on the way down but grouped up on the ground and soldiered on. They were scared shitless but have a job to do. We have a job to do as well.

    1. Bean,

      The difference between those Paras and us "legs" is simply THEY WERE ORGANIZED and thus, TRAINED. We are not.


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