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Wednesday, July 8, 2015


Instead of swallowing what over-educated boys in short-pants would like to shove in your mouths, just open your eyes and see what is happening around you.

Communism has been trying to murder American Liberty for well-over one hundred years.  It has infected every single town and suburb in America, to some degree.  It has co-opted our government.  It has used the avarice of Man to its advantage and allowed greed and personal gratification to take precedence over traditional American values.

The two largest Communist countries on the planet are allied.  They created an organization to leverage their economic strengths into a weapon that is able to kill the American economy.  Just who do you think the BRICS weapon is targeting?

Topple the Euro.  Have the Dragon call the American debt and shut down exports, while the Bear uses Greece and other tools to break the EU (then accept only gold and silver - no fiat or credit - for their gas and oil when the weather gets cold), and watch the remnants of the 'Western World' prostrate itself at BearDragon's feet.

Sound like a plot for a kickin' novel?

Look around.  You are one of the characters who will help decide how this nightmare opus ends...


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