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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

It's the Big One, Elizabeth!

Eat a Maalox and STFU.


  1. Damn K, I just shot hot Dr. Pepper out my nose all over my monitor!!!!
    That shit burns.

  2. https://youtu.be/NK9HXu9g5qA

    Hope this link works

  3. I caught the reference immediately... and suddenly felt old. Oh well.
    Unlike the faking of Fast Freddy's fame, I am confident that what we are currently witnessing is the real deal, and is already bearing real consequences. IOW, the leading impulse of the tsunami is making ground. Even still, the "main wave" will take over a year to spend its destructive force, before it breaks and makes its great, sucking withdrawal felt...
    Got preps? Because this is a core part of their non-battle plan, to incapacitate us and render our 'resistance' moot, without a fight. Without ever doing a door-to-door seizure of arms. With you surrendering them voluntarily, in exchange for food, or medical care for a family member.
    Because that's how craven they are, how conniving, underhanded, and manipulative, and how indifferent they are to the suffering of others. Indifferent enough to willfully cause the hunger and suffering of a hundred millions of people, and the deaths of several millions more.
    And what they shall get, cannot equal what they deserve.
    Never to forgive.
    Never to forget.

  4. This is nowhere as funny as "It's the Big One, Elizabeth!" but still humorous.


  5. Without question, the Maalox kid is building a scapegoat
    to hide behind and justify not being able to
    travel approximately 80 miles north of his front door.
    He is truly a worthless snake-oil pimp.


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