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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Killing Tool **UPDATE**

Embiggen for detail

**SOLD OUT - thank you, folks.  Good hunting!**

I'm still fishing.  Don't know when I'll be back.  We have a few Hard Things to discuss when I choose to return.

Until then - we have a very few Fairbairn-Sykes blades available for serious Patriots who anticipate the serious potential for serious work in the future.  These are genuine MOD (Ministry of Defense) blades that we have had imported from the manufacturer in Sheffield, England, as issued to their serious fighters.  (Have you picked-up on the 'serious' meme?)  

The F-S is a utilitarian blade specifically designed and well-designed to kill the enemy.  I have no time, patience or use for the Hobbyist Patriots out there, and if playing Patriot is merely a game for you between episodes of your favorite sitcom or between NASCAR 
races, do not buy serious tools - at least not from me.

We've had this batch engraved with our III *and* our III Society logos.  There are currently 6 in the world - and three are already in the hands of serious III Patriots.  If there is sufficient interest,  we will order more.

These are only available to III Society members in good standing.  So, if you want one and are not yet a III Society member - sign up here first.

Price: $165 + S&H

That is all.


  1. Very cool. Very cool indeed.

    I gotta M9 bayonet. Crude, rude and socially unattractive. :-l

  2. I still have my big ol' USMC issue Kabar. Definitely unattractive, especially in a made in the jungle sheath... no modern skulls and stuff, it's badged with the eagle, globe, and anchor. It's as rude as I am... it ain't pretty like your Sykes. But it's serious.... Grandpa


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