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Thursday, July 2, 2015

Modern Combat Survival: Max Velocity Podcast/Interview

Great stuff - here.

Look at the news.  Convince yourself you have enough time.  You can train next year...


  1. Heh. Sure, you can train next year.

    In a FEMA camp.

    There, it's called "Re-training", comrade.

    This ain't no effin game.
    They know it.
    You'd better know it, too...

  2. Last year,and the year before that,and the year before that,going back as many years as possible was the time to train.
    Those who leave Cheetos dust on their keyboards will be eliminated in the first round.
    There's still things I need to learn,training I need to get,but at least I've been awake and putting the effort in for years.
    I will not be eliminated in round one,whatever stage of the festivities I do get eliminated in-at least I'll know gave it my best shot.
    Which is one hell of a lot more than a lot of people can say.
    I ran into a guy today that I tried waking up back in 2005 or 2006-he told me I was right,and he should have started getting some training and stocking up on food back then.
    Seems like more people are finally starting to wake up-at least around here.
    It's still not enough people-more guys have to get it through their heads that this really ain't no fuckin game,and get out and train.
    Even if it's just getting out and hiking with a pack on,it's something,and humping a pack through the woods leads some guys to comprehend that they're way,way out of shape,they need to learn how to defend their families and themselves,and that they had better have a lot of food stored up,or a way to feed themselves and their families without a grocery store being available.

    Maybe enough guys will get their shit together,and get some training before the only training option is a FEMA re-education camp.


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