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Saturday, July 11, 2015

Morale Operation: Ghost Echo

3" x 4" Vinyl stickers
The Battle Buddies Working Group has decided a new sticker campaign is in order, given current circumstances.

We have ordered more III stickers, this design has proven itself time and again to be effective.

Put them where you may find allies.

Put them where you may annoy enemies.

Remind the bastards we see them...

Remind them their Treasons are noted...

Remind them there is a price...

Let them see Ghosts...

Let them hear Echoes...  

III Stickers


  1. Sticker them where it hurts...

  2. Sed ghost, hear echoes. Key the theme music to Halloween

  3. When my get here,they're going all over town-when I run out,I'll get more,and the area plastered with stickers will expand.

  4. There are great. Our folks all have them on our vehicles. I hear someone (not sure who) put a bunch up in town around the federal building and in the Mall across the street. Lots of cops, feds, and employees go there for lunch. Hell, someone even put them in the Panera restrooms, Starbucks, and on all the payphones. Damn miscreants...

    1. You still have payphones?!?
      Good Lord, I haven't seen one of those in years...


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