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Sunday, July 19, 2015

My Personal PatCon Talking Points

Among other things, I will address:

Mo's Morons: We will specifically discuss Chattanooga, and Mo's Fucktards in general.  I have an Action Plan

The Rainbow Rambo's: I do not give a whit what consenting adults do together.  I give a MAJOR f'ng whit about them imposing their choices on people who don't want to be bothered - especially by force of law.  I have an Action Plan.

The Red Menace: Fugg'em.  They are a problem.  I have an Action Plan.

Enemies of Liberty and Useful Idiots: If the III are everywhere, those bastards are EVERYWHERE.  I have an Action Plan.

How do we achieve Rightful Liberty with our minority status, in a week?  I have an Action Plan.

Hearts & Minds of the 30% we need to support us, the 30% we need to remain neutral, and the 30% that will work against us: I have an Action Plan.

Money and Resources needed to execute our work for Rightful Liberty: The Koch's are not going to write us fat checks.  We don't have a single John Hancock.  I have an Action Plan.

The Rs & Ds are all Enemies of Liberty: I have an Action Plan.

Immigration: I have an Action Plan.

Building Battle Buddy Teams, units and larger units: I have an Action Plan.

We have serious impediments to shoot, move & communicate, Resist and Auxiliary development: I have an Action Plan.

There will be more.

See you at PatCon.


  1. Damn,... my employer had best have a load back to North Idaho, on time!! Much to "chat" about.
    Looking forward to this PatCon.

  2. Grandma and I may have to drive up Friday, visit Saturday, spend the night around a small contained fire pot talking with folks about important things, and drive back Sunday; God willing. It is what it is. Our moving north has to take precedence over my 'vacation'. K and Holly,, Lineman... I cannot wait. Lineman, you know better than all that this is just a normal schedule for me, but I ask for prayer and Godspeed to us all. Grandpa is almost on the way...
    stormfriend sends

  3. Damn, I hate missing out. Would love to hear some solutions. I'll be honest. down here in the so. west chock of the redoubt,(SW. Oregon). Were being overrun. Were talking "broken arrow" down here.
    Had a top guy in the Calif. state police in the shop the other day. complaining about how F-ed up it is down there. Said he's going to retire up here.
    I asked why "HE" F-ed it all up in the first place. Now you want to move? He scrambled off complaining about not having enough pension.
    I didn't even get a chance to tell him, I can't wait tell the bankers steal it from you! I swear, irony is just lost on some people!
    Anyway, you'all enjoy the fellowship, are hearts are with you all.......MTHead

  4. "I want a Lamborghini:" Mary Gatter, the Medical director at Planned Parenthood Pasadena and San Gabriel Valley in Calfiornia


    That's right, keep knit picking and arguing about the purity of
    the moment, along with worrying about if communists shitbags
    and treasonous traitors perceive us negatively.

    1. Yup, I think there will be literally, "Hell to pay" for not shutting that industry down.......MTHead

    2. Judgement is indeed a frightful thing, when it comes...


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