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Monday, July 13, 2015

New Game: Snatch the Battle Flag

...and more.


  1. Begging to be shot, much?

    Any questions as to whether the left wants to start a race war, folks?

    Not in my mind. They *desperately* want an excuse to invoke martial law...

  2. Yup. That facebook one at the stoplight happened in my backyard. We've got a group currently looking into it.


  3. Just thinking off the top of my head, umm Randy Weaver's wife and son, ummm the old people and children at Waco. Any doubt who already has fired the first shot(s)? Is it wrong (a loss of the "high moral ground") to engage the 21 ft rule when being aggressively charged by a bugged eyed, foaming at the mouth psychopath that will make the claim he,she it, was just doing his job "enforcing" the law?? Why on earth are we "intellectualizing" this high moral ground issue? Can't count how many times this has been rightly stated here, and generally agreed to by commenters that it's a settled abide d by principle. I think I've also seen a few (sic) comments and opinions that we're way past any type of "talking stage".The TYRANT-in-chief has cut loose his protected troll minion goons to wreak havoc on us, they're doing it and we're supposed to re articulate with some magic words to the goons to convince them to stop and expect them to?? Personally my position is that I know I have to keep the high moral ground, BUT, my prime directive tells me at this point he who shots first and accurately will survive to write the after action report. Finally any "Patriot" blogger, writer, whatever that's still soft peddling this and other debated/settled issues can take their collective pens,keyboards and "words of sage wisdom" an shove them up their collective anal orifices, sideways with 50 lbs. of sand.

  4. Typical move. Egg people on til they snap then point the finger at em. Problem is, these people don't understand the seriousness of a well placed round from a 12 gauge while trespassing. Dumb shits.

    1. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,or the fine art of booby traps!

  5. more of the set up for the .gov planned race/religious/moral war... simply because they are unwilling to surrender power, prestige, and pay. backing 'us' into a corner with the thought (hope?) that "we" will simply kneel. And yes, I have come to realize they actually are that deceived, or foolish. Once the shooting starts, as most of us sadly acknowledge; please remember that as tragic as it is, the shooting cannot stop until the threat is over. And we know what that means: "your target must change shape or catch fire". Although now residing in the "Battle Born" state, we fly the old Georgia state flag of our southern home. Should any feel the need to come take it down, please read the sign that advises our home is armed, and understand the fence and locked gate is for YOUR protection. Grandpa... (in a benevolent moment of thoughtful introspection... while stormfriend visits the DMV...)


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