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Sunday, July 19, 2015


Patriots begin arriving this week for our Idaho PatCon & Prepper Rendezvous!

The classes, workshops and speakers will be outstanding.

Our daily discussions and networking will be critical and rewarding.

Our scenery is remarkable.

Weather - bright sun, warm days and cool nights.  (Current forecast is for mid-80's through the week, with 50's at night.  You can expect mid/upper-40's a few nights up on the mountain.)

It is all about the people.  It is about what we will decide to do in the coming weeks and months together as a team.  It is about the statement we are making regarding our Liberty.

See you there!

PatCon site is here.

**Be sure to bring ammo if you plan to shoot!

**Be sure to pack sunscreen - it will be sunny and breezy, even if it doesn't feel hot.

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  1. Packed and ready to go. Wife and I are eager to meet, share and learn with/from everyone!


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