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Monday, July 13, 2015

Regarding Michigan...

Brock's link, here.

The perspective of another, here.


  1. This has been an ongoing case for at least 2 years,here's a post about from 2013


  2. Sorry-here's the rest,was supposed to be included in first post...


  3. You know the question I always have is what would be something that everybody that truly loves freedom could get behind...What scenario would be one that they would all say enough and pick up arms over...Look at Bundy and how many from our side came out against him because it just wasn't pure enough for them...So the question is maybe there will never be something that the majority can gather behind because we have too many cowards, purist, those who.say it doesn't apply or concern me...We all have read that familer saying of When they came for ??? I didn't stand up well maybe that's a saying that is truer now than its ever been... Definitely a PatCon discussion..

    1. This guy got screwed over on a land deal,no doubt about that,but...this is a matter for the lawyers to sort out,he doesn't have title/deed to the property from what I've read.
      Chances are he couldn't get a loan for the property,as he filed bankruptcy in 2010 according to another article I read.

      Then there's this-he's a custom builder-and he doesn't understand land sales?

      Any decent attorney can get him a win in a lawsuit against the person who "sold" him the land,if,and this is the big if-he can prove it was a sale,and not a rental agreement. He claims to have cancelled checks,etc,never read anything that said he has the deed/title,or a land contract, or rent to own loan agreement.

    2. Oh yea definitely agree that this guy needs a good attorney and not the III but was just thinking out load and wondering if there is ever going to be something that Patriots can get behind...

    3. Immediately - Huntsville, Oregon Bakery.

      If something else pops-off we can examine for defensive opportunities.

      Short of that, we'll need to pick a topic, pick an X, and 'make' it an issue.

    4. Exactly my thoughts K...That's why I was just fishing for ideas...Picking the battleground and what battle put the odds in our favor...Image will also be a big part of it and how its presented to the rest of the populace...

  4. Is this guy one of us? Is he an okay dude?
    If so, then *maybe* groups near him should go help him un-fuck his shit. Help find him a place to live, a decent attorney, and maybe a job if business is slow for him. Help calm him down before he goes off and does something stupid.
    As things continue to decelerate downward, we're gonna see a lot more of this shit happening. Here is where the CA/PSYOPS elements of the 3% can do some good.
    I've mentioned the need for a "political" arm of the 3%. Stuff like this is one of the reasons why we need it. Our people are going to have shit happen to them (even before RevWar3, if it ever occurs), and something needs to be in place to help them out.

    1. Agreed. It is happening, and it going to continue to happen with greater frequency and severity, as they continue to turn up the heat in the pressure cooker.

      This is the arena of Sinn Fein...

    2. "We ourselves." Very appropriate.


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