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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Stone Mountain: How to Fight

NAACP wants the monument of Davis, Lee & Jackson sand-blasted from the Earth. Remember the Buddha I posted the other day?  Buddha was whacked by Mo's Morons. Now BO's Morons want to use the same tactics here.

OK - before The Stupid (TM) takes control of this on the Liberty side, let me tell you how you fight and defend Stone Mountain and win.  Winning is the important part.

You do NOT send armed Patriots into the park to stand guard en masse.  A small contingent of serious Patriots in full kit can handle it.

Remaining Patriots in the AO ensure that everyone who would enforce such an action (destroying the monument) is far too busy to execute those orders.  Do NOT invest yourselves into a fixed position and play a static defense.  Do NOT permit the Enemies of Liberty to concentrate forces, to cut-off supplies, to train all their big guns on a single spot.

Hunt.  Harry.  Harass.  

Countervalue, NOT Counterforce. Refresher here.

Unless you want to lose.  If you lose, when they Waco the site with bulldozers, they'll simply bury you in the rubble of the monument.  And that, friends, will be the end of RevWarIII.

The Enemies of Liberty have decided, I believe, that they are ready for a fight.  

They are baiting those whom they abhor.

I'm not saying you shouldn't rise to the bait - I'm saying, sink their fucking boat and drown every last one of the bastards.


  1. It's obvious they are pedal to the metal now. The flag, now this, by tomorrow all of us will be declared the official enemy on CNN, FAUX, and Rush and Hannity, and theyll be rolling at us with haste. That's what I thought a few hours ago when I read that. So in honor of this historical occasion, I put on my dancing shoes and finished sighting in a few tools for the dance.Remember the most sophisticated tool you possess is your mind, use it well.

    1. Every tool requires use to keep it fresh... and the time fast approaches when there shall be no lack of well used tools.

      The only question is, how many will be in the hands of true Patriots? We have a very good idea how many will be in the hands of tyrants and would-be tyrants...

  2. NAACP are idiots!! Those carvings are up to 60 feet deep in places. Nobody is going to 'sandblast' anything.

    Regardless, it is time to stand firm and follow the advice of those who know combat tactics. A herd of people at that site is not the way to defend what is there.


  3. The fight is brought to us...

    How shall we answer?

    I pray we answer it well.

  4. Just a side thought on counter value. What do cities produce in the area of sustenance? Not much. Most food and related goods are trucked in. Stop or slow the trucks and what do you get within said city? Just a thought.

  5. The Atlanta NAACP are notoriously stupid. This ain't never gonna happen. We appreciate your concern and readiness to fight, but this is just pure bullshit, ain't gonna happen.

  6. Stone mountain is fairly close to Atlanta,I-75,I-85,and I-20 all pass through Atlanta,I-285 is the loop around the city,plus there's numerous state and local roads-too many ways in-too many ways out of the area for any successful .gov effort to prevent any meaningful dispute of the idea.
    If anyone who posts here has ever driven through the greater Atlanta area,you've seen the traffic,and know what would happen if any type of roadblocks were attempted.
    Traffic would be fucked up for days-it's already fucked up for hours just due to minor car crashes.
    The idiot who said sandblast the mountain must be a product of the are's public schools-it would take as long to sandblast the figures off as it took to carve them in-what a moron.
    An ice storm shut down the highways for a couple days-a hard rain fucks up traffic,if traffic was tied up due to .gov intervention-the hive would begin collapsing after the first few grocery trucks were delayed.
    That's why I don't think .gov would do anything to impede the flow of traffic in or out-not anywhere near Atlanta anyhow-and Stone Mou8ntain is damn close to Atlanta.

    1. Who says it's gonna be .GOV that interferes with the flow of essentials into the Communist Nexus of Ninnyville?
      It really wouldnt take that much to get them wailing and gnashing their teeth, and there are a multitude of ways it coud effectively be done. Most wouldn't even require the use of lethal force.

    2. It's called the great American slow down. And can be implemented with as few as 8 to 10 people in three cities .It is what I believe and act of civil disobedience that would be heard around the country For full details that I wrote over a year ago go to truthserum.myftps.com

  7. Not to rub noses in shit: comment at WRSA in response to the flag removal stunt by communists bree newsome and James Tyson and my assessment of how these would develop and play out.
    Without fail, my comments that we were already way behind the power curve of the what needed to be done (ASAP) was stomped on (without fail) by the Patriot purists and their losing/defeatist strategy of non-engagement.

    WRSA - “That’s a policy of the extirpation…”
    June 27, 2015 at 11:10
    “I guarantee you that treasonous communists/progressives/liberals/radical environmentalists, who are extremely trained and experienced in mountaineering that are
    gathering their gear and formulating a plan to deface the
    Confederate Memorial carving at Stone Mountain.”
    Agreed, radical environmentalist/communist shitbag James Ian Tyson
    was not arrested mountaineering and defacing the Confederate Memorial carving at Stone Mountain, but the reality of such an attempt in is not farfetched in ISIS america.
    I will be Jack’s “complete lack of surprise,” when I hear news reports of this in the very near future.

    1. A Louisville Slugger (22 oz'er preferably) properly applied to Mr. Tyson's kneecaps and elbows would preempt any future defacement he might engage. Just sayin....;)

  8. This is the escalation that occurs when
    only one side deals in the reality
    about the war they are in, while the
    other side debates endlessly about
    the language and tactics of a game
    that is extinct: Confederate Flag waving dad wants guy who pointed gun at him thrown in jail
    CHESTERFIELD COUNTY, Va. — An Amelia man was charged with brandishing a firearm after he pointed a gun at a Chesterfield family that was waving Confederate Flags on Hull Street Road outside their Moseley home, police said. James Baker, 46, was released following his arrest on the class one misdemeanor. He is due in court on September 3.

    1. Pointing a firearm at a man and his family, on their own property?!? Dang that fool is incredibly lucky to be breathing.
      And you watch - in court he'll argue that "it wasn't loaded, it was just a gesture" or some such crap.

      More communist testing, to see how much can be gotten away with; on the street, and with the police and courts...

      This is what escalation looks like. It will not cease until they encounter well delivered physical resistance, folks. Even then they will contine to probe, twist, and deform the bounds of our tolerance... until we take the offensive, and put them back on their heels.
      Nothing less has any meaning to them.
      Nothing less will work...


    2. The question I always have is why don't people think through what kind of consequences(Y) might happen if I do X and if it does happen do I have a Z...He should of had overwatch and when that guy pull a gun popped him in the head...

    3. Really, on overwatch in his front yard?
      There is such a thing as sensible
      situational awareness and then there
      is just plain ridiculous.

    4. Sadly, the line of "sensible" is being pushed with incredible vigor lately by enemies of liberty. It's time for us to start increasing the amount of push-back we respond with... but no, I don't think the time has yet come for overwatch in your front yard.

      "Yet" being the operative word...

  9. Just meant someone watching his back while he waved the flag...;)

  10. The institutionalized left is using CV against us every day. Every time they send someone to jail on a jacked up charge; every time they assail something we cherish; every time they create a 'new law' (or extend an old one) to further erode our freedom; etc.

    They are perfectly comfortable wih counter-value attacks. In fact, they prefer them, since they are too fearful of a real, counterforce fight.

    We will have to make ourselves comfortable with counter-value means and methdods, if we intend to successfully throw off the yoke of collectivism.

    Now would be a good time to start...


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