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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

The Mullenax Doctrine

CA has it, here.

We all die.

How we die, matters.

I'll add my thoughts later.  Until then: Politico - here.

To answer Politico's claim that America would be better-off without Dixie, may I counter: 

America would be better-off without Red genetic waste.

Let's all work for a better America, wherever that process may begin.

I vote we begin in Dixie by ridding ourselves of Red parasites who mean to be Masters.  


  1. South Carolina house will be voting at 3:30 PM.
    A live stream of the house is being broadcast
    on http://www.c-span.org/video/?327006-2/south-carolina-state-house-confederate-flag-debate-day-2part-2
    The full address must be used.
    Currently the house is adjourned for lunch.

  2. Unless you are locked and loaded, you are not saying, "NO". The best you might do without arms and the will to use them is, "not yet".

    Four generations of Americans have already said, "not yet"... that's how we got where we currently are.

    We will either say, "NO" with absolute authority, or we will be the generation to succumb to the filthy, subhuman contrivance which they have substituted for our society...


  3. Memphis City Council Unanimously Approves Removal of Nathan Bedford Forrest Remains from Municipal Park - http://cubiclane.com/memphis-city-council-nathan-forrest-menphis-city-council-unanimously-approves-removal-of-nathan-bedford-forrest-remains-from-municipal-park-30168/

    Council Committee Agrees On Relocating Forrest Statue and Remains - http://www.memphisflyer.com/NewsBlog/archives/2015/07/07/council-committee-agrees-on-relocating-forrest-statue-and-remains

    Memphis City Council Votes To Remove Confederate General's Remains - http://talkingpointsmemo.com/livewire/memphis-nathan-bedford-forrest-remains

    Yesterday at this time, I would not have been able to definitively answer
    these questions.
    However, today without hesitation, if asked will I be back in
    school working on my medical degree this fall, my answer would
    have been "yes."
    If asked if I believed I would be in a shooting war inside our Republic,
    my answer would be "not likely."
    If asked if I believed that most likely, by year's end, would
    I die violently in combat against the armed jackboots of
    the communist dictatorship ruling America, again, my answer
    would be "not likely."
    By no means am I naive, but I CANNOT BELIEVE THIS UNHOLY
    What the fuck?!
    It is not my AO, but war it is then.

    1. Can you comprehend of a Society that would go to war over a flag, yet not fire a single shot for 53 millions of dead since Roe v. Wade?


    2. Nathan Bedford Forrest's grave is as good a place as any to pop off this party all that voted for this should be strung like ornaments around it. you might have insulted soulless ghouls, they wouldn't make a dingleberry on a soulless ghoul's butt.

    3. Are you referring to me
      or the treasonous communists?
      I am not knee jerk offended, just curious and asking.
      A basic difference of opinion does not
      prevent genuine allies from working together.

    4. I'm referring to all of us. We have all tolerated genuine malum in se Evil. Wouldn't it be fascinating if what drives people from the porch is a flag. ;)

    5. Mmm... it's more than just a flag to some of us. It represents a culture that unless you've grown up in it to some extent you can't possibly know. To this day, there are still people that carry themselves and to a certain extent even dress as if it were still 1860. I know. I've met them. And in different southern states.

      The fact that these fucking people are now trying to absolutely erase what is left absolutely enrages me. If enough will stand to fight this atrocity so will I.

      Remember that the chief bitch said we would have to change our history. I know that can't really be done. But the future, the future can be made to change direction. A little more southern 19th century culture would certainly be a breath of fresh air. :-)

    6. It's more than a flag to me as well. We all know what 'They' are after and what they are doing. I am very interested to see what strategy and tactics play out, since keeping the flag flying at a state house requires control (physical) of the state house. That requires men who will kit-up and go to the state house and evict the current traitors.

      Fascinating. ;)

    7. Go back and read my last comment there. :-)

  4. After you read that link, read this one.Makes it clearer that it's past time for push back it's time to wipe the table clean.


    1. Wipe the table clean, indeed.
      Whatever the cost...

  5. @Cav Med
    Treasonous Commiepinkofagbastards

  6. I live in Dixie and I fly both flags American and Confederate......if the keep fucking with us , they will see our Southern side........again....

  7. My daughter is "Grits" - girl raised in the South. My sons are sons of the South... "sweet potato pie and shut my mouth". We moved west in '10 for economic/family reasons, but we still pray at supper, we still say "yes ma'am" and "no sir"... and if you don't care for that we don't give a damn. When we first heard of the flag issue some have, we went online and ordered the Georgia state flag... the "real one", with the stars and bars and the state seal... I honestly don't know anymore what it's gonna take, but I know that these folks will keep pushing until they get what they keep asking for... I will leave you with an old Gaelic toast... from the Scots/Irish that began the Southern heritage..
    "here's to us, and those like us... deal the wine..." Grandpa

    1. And that ladies and gentlemen is what I'm talking about. ;-)

    2. Amen Brother...Looking forward to the ride north and sharing bread at the ParCon...

  8. "I will leave you with an old Gaelic toast... from the Scots/Irish that began the Southern heritage..
    "here's to us, and those like us... deal the wine..."

    Damn straight.

  9. I am not ready to make war for a flag.
    However, I am ready to fully risk myself
    and fight to defend the graves of a husband
    and wife, protecting it from being raped by communists
    and treasonous shitbags!

  10. Make no mistake, I understand that this
    open attack by communists has nothing
    to do with removing an offensive symbol
    of "racism."
    Without question, it is about the recently
    refined tactic of establishing legal precedent,
    by "elected" traitors and communists, to more
    easily violate our Constitutional rule of law.
    The House is now debating (9JUL15 @ 10:43 AM)
    passage of a bill to permanently remove all symbols of the
    Confederacy from all federal locations, including the graves
    of Confederate soldiers buried at federal cemeteries.

  11. It. Is. NOT... making war for a flag. It is - make no mistake - making war for a way of life, for defending our rights to rebel, to toss off the chains of tyranny, to tell those fuckers they picked the wrong thing to "wrong". It is not a black or white thing - I am from Douglas County, Georgia; and I can tell you that the black guys I know are just as furious as the white guys. This is federal overreach at its worst. They have crossed a line here - go read Fred Reed - and it may not be "the spark"; but I will tell you that the tinder is dry, and there's a lot of it. When you get black men and white men - hell, me and Lineman and LT and Mullinax and K - all on the same fucking page; let's just say... a wise man would pack his shit and git. It ain't about race, or the bullshit reasoning the MSM spout, it is about liberty, and the treasonous fuckers trying to remove our right to rebel. And as for "elected", I didn't vote for any of these traitors. But I still get to vote... my voting machines are chambered in .308, .338, and 5.56. stormfriend sends

    1. My use of "elected" was sarcasm and
      to distinguish exactly which group
      of communists I meant.

  12. Care to know a little bit (actually a lot) about Nathan Bedford Forrest? Here's a real good speech about Forrest by Pastor John Weaver. Don't be surprised to hear reports of Forrest's corpse grabbing and strangling the first 10 to try and take his body out of his grave. This video is a really good bio of Forrest.


  13. This day is far from over,
    and all the best operations begin at night...


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