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Friday, July 17, 2015

Until their eyes begin getting swelled shut...

...or they are evicted from CONUS...

...or they begin the journey to their Maker...

...the Enemies of Liberty will never stop.

Accept that fact.

Now decide your place in our country.

Are you going to remain a spectator, or are you going to exercise good citizenship and help make this place inhabitable by good people once again?

The choice is yours.

Link.  Thanks, Alan.


  1. I sincerely wish that I
    had learned of this when
    it first occurred.
    The story seems to have
    been lost in the post-Sandy Hook
    static of the time.
    As I previously commented, it's all
    about establishing legal precedent.
    Don't be fooled into thinking that
    communists do not use the courtroom,
    legality, and the rule of law as an offensive

    1. They go to great lengths to use the courts and to create new ways to incarcerate those of us seeking rightful liberty.
      The inclusion of "ODD" in the DSM,labeling normal healthy teenage rebellion as a "mental illness",you an bet your last dollar that this will be used against us adults,as the enemies of liberty will claim that because we are opposed to their Marxist bullshit,we have a "mental illness",and there go a whole lot of our rights-or so they think anyhow.
      Once someone gets arrested,charged,and sent for psych eval,some psych "Dr." is going to claim the person is a danger to themselves and others,then the precedent is set,and those who oppose the regime's re-writing of history,and the cultural genocide being waged against southern,white,Christian males will be labeled as "mentally ill".
      The flag banning bullshit is just the beginning.

    2. Yep, "rule by law" instead of "Rule of Law".

      Commies, militant fags, and freaks love the law... so long as they can subvert it to their hateful purposes.

  2. H/T - ncrenegade.com
    Mosques and Islamic Centers in Idaho

    1. Thanks for this. I am about to pop on their radar...

  3. That said, if you are going to black eyes and bust heads, it's best to do it in a way that doesn't give propaganda value to the other side....


    Even if you feel the way this guy feels, it's not strategically useful to give voice to it to the media.


    1. Respectfully, we need to quit worrying about what the commie propaganda machine sayz about us. We already know all about narrative and spin.
      What need to understand is that 85% of people don't give a crap one way or another. And if they do, all that becomes of it is a family argument at christmas dinner.
      Commies get away with this daily.becuase;

    2. It's not so much the worrying about it that gets us in trouble, it's the fact that others do. This was a mental defection on his part that accomplished exactly zero objectives, other than the cathartic release of saying what we are all thinking. We know he's right, but dang... saying it to the press has no upside and is all downside. The need to publicly self-soothe like he did is something that should be beyond us at this point, as ugly as things are like to get.



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