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Friday, August 21, 2015

Acta non Verba

Morale Operation Ghost Echo.

Embiggen the pic - see our sticker?

Action - not flippin' words.

This is how it is done, Patriots!


  1. Been putting some on Construction vehicles , even inside porta potty's . They move around, hopefully to be seen by more people. Putting them at Gas Station doesn't last long, they have been taking them down.

  2. Sometimes it isn't the lenght of the message, just that it's heard. Let them see ghost, Let them hear echoes.

  3. Regardless of where your AO is located,
    we alone are completely responsible for this
    strategic and tactical failure to
    defend the sovereignty of our Republic.
    -Drug smugglers climbing over the border fence just south of Nogales Arizona-

  4. This is what should have happened
    last summer at Greyhound bus stations,
    in Texas, California and throughout the
    entire Southwest.
    At this point, almost every action less than this
    is a pointless waste of time.

    -Dresden riots: Protesters in Germany attack refugee buses shouting 'foreigners out'-


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