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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Anyone experiencing agita over this?

“So if the federal government will not intercede in our affairs, then we must rise up and kill those [LEO] who kill us. Stalk them and kill them and let them feel the pain of death that we are feeling,” he added.

Of course that is Farrakhan of NoI.  

I don't see a problem, aside for the request for FedGov help.  Feds Out, as stated at WRSA.  Goethe.

As for the rest?  Good hunting.


  1. A man with a firm grip on your neck, and not only a firm grip but a steady stream of revenue for having a firm grip on your neck, will not willing release the grip. Fed gov will not stop oppression because it is benefiting for them to oppress

  2. I thought he was dying of ass cancer.

  3. Channeling the ever-epistemological Kleinster (15 seconds of fame starting in 3-2-1 . . .) /Sarc off.

    That will always and forevermore be your own personal and intimate decision to make - just exactly what amount of UNNECESSARY SHIT are YOU are willing to tolerate?

    When the Red Elite's flying monkeys corner you alone,you will have one choice to make. Either "run away and . . ." or sing your death song and slit (at least) a throat or two on your way down. The one consolation - we are past the point where old John Q can safely dismiss you as a lone loony. 1+1 eventually starts to add up - even to a useful idjit.

    Children, what's that sound? Everybody look - what's going down?

  4. farrakan did die... only the cancer remains. Unfortunately, it inheritted his gift for violent rhetoric.

  5. If in fact the statistics are correct that the majority of black deaths are attributed to black on black crime, then the black community will have to rise up and kill themselves. How sad.

  6. There is presently more racial friction in the US than at any other time in the last 50 years. Not since the late 1960s have race relations been so strained, the rhetoric so openly violent.
    What Farrakan is calling for would plainly precipitate an outright race war in America, and considering that animosity amongst whites towards blacks is greater now than at any time in the last century, what he is encouraging is essentially the suicide of the black community in this country. It is insane. Suicidally insane.

    The combined economic pressure and racial tension presently facing our entire people is profound; it is quite likely the most deadly threat our nation, our very society has ever faced. Worse even than that of the 1855~1865 era, when northern imperial aspirations undermined the union to its breaking point, and caused a war in which more than 625, 000 uniformed soldiers, and nearly another hundred thousand civilians lost their lives. nearly eight percent of the population dead, in a period of less than five years. More than two thirds of those deaths were not due to combat - they were the result of disease. Soldiers and civilians alike died from common diseases, the outbreak of which was a direct result of massed armies mingling in large numbers under unsanitary conditions, marching through towns and cities which otherwise would never have been exposed to such a plethora of contagions.

    And in that war, the factions were very clearly delineated into regions, which effectively limited the active conflict to those uniformed volunteers who chose to fight.

    But in the coming conflict, sentiments and allegiances are mixed, from one block to the next, even from house to house, among neighbors. As such, every commumity will be a batlefield, and every person will be forced to personally face the dangers and privations of war, regardless of age, gender, health, or station in life. The death toll shall mount enormously, should such a racial conflict arise. And the only victor would be the machine of tyranical government, which would feast upon every gruesome opportunity, using it as justification to further destroy our civil society at every turn, all the while further promoting the animosites underlying the war. It would effectively become an intergenerational conflict, unending in its carnage, and self-satisfying as a justification for the permanent abolishment of all our civil rights.
    It would be both cause and justification for the greatest tyranny ever inflicted upon humanity.EVER.

    And in all my many hours of consideration, I have not once imagined any realistic means by which it could be brought to an end, once it is thoroughly begun.

    The leading edge of this conflict is already happening. Witness Ferguson, and Baltimore, and the many other abuses by "white" police forces against blacks. It has already been undertaken by the black community - witness the attacks of "polar bear hunting", a.k.a. "the knockout game" and the plethora of other criminal atrocities commited by angry black men with a burning desire for revenge against they know not what.

    Both white and black are being increasingly abused by the tyranical and unholy alliance of political and corporate interests. And both are, bye and large, failing to see their true enemy, being tricked into a perpetual war which will enslave them both. One in which only the devil ever wins.

    If we fail to bring this to a halt, and soon, then many, many generations of Americans will suffer the most abject privation, and untold millions will die, all needlessly. And there is absolutely no reasonable expectation that our society should ever recover in any recognizable form.


  7. Damn LT-
    that's a great piece of writing- deserves to be a post.


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