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Thursday, August 27, 2015



Thanks Matt - for everything.


  1. My, that's disconcerting.

    Not unlike some of the detritus found across a few of the blogs here about. :-)

    1. We have so many people who visit and comment on our blogs - and in too many cases bloggers themselves - who a reasonable man would simply not want inside his wire when SHTF.

      Let's set aside the flawed critical thinking of the average racist.

      Someone like a SFC Bugs Barry or Hines of the South, etc, simply could not be permitted free range inside my AO - I have too many things in my life he (they) want to destroy to let them close.

      I'm all for reasonable men working together - but I think we must begin drawing our lines around what is 'reasonable' much more closely.

      And here's where I have my own critical thinking hiccup - serious SF (Green Berets) are taught to use who they find in the field to forward the Mission. They descended (indirectly) from the OSS - and Donovan had no problem working with Communists when it suited his purposes, fascists, et al.

      I just don't know how to protect my home flank with such people in my AO while I may be out hunting. So my only reasonable answer continues to be - they are not on my team, or inside my wire. They are targets.

  2. Sam we discussed this very premise many moons ago, it rings true at every turn you take in the community. That entire article posted in a precise manor.....there was a reason, a precise reason. You were pissed years ago when the monkey with the eating disorder pulled the same crap, it's staged it's organized and it is pyscops. And as you well know it runs deep. As I tried in vain to instruct many good friends in the community...that they had been breeched. I tried to warn and many ignored. Just as the junkie continues to wage havoc, it was planned and implemented. Sandman was also breeched, benign or malignant matters not, all indicators point to the WN's. No malice in my words to you or SM, I find it very amusing..... they have co-opted " local...local...local.

    Bill Nye

    1. The WNs are in full 'hijack the III' mode, same as they used .mil for their training ground.

      If serious Patriots don't begin standing tall and running these fuckers out of the III, there is no hope. Tolerating a 'Trainer' who anti-Semitic,, racist and misogynistic in our midst is moral suicide - we do not deserve to win if we let that happen.

      But I wonder - do we have more WNs in the III, or FSA in the III?

    2. There's a lot of people who read the various II blogs/sites,and never comment.
      There's a lot of good,solid people who want nothing to do with the III-in large part due to the infighting.
      There's also a lot of people who want nothing to do with anything even remotely close to a "militia"-due to shows on the tee-vee showing a bunch of dumb assed fat,out of shape, untrained, incompetent fucks.
      There's a lot of preppers who want and need training-but have no idea where to get it,and they aren't getting much help from the III lately.
      What are they supposed to think when they see a group of guys attacking another guy-and all are supposedly part of the III?
      This kind of shit needs to stop-yesterday.
      As for FSA-depends on the definition-I'm sure there's a lot collecting their social security checks every month.
      I see nothing wrong with that-or with those who truly can no longer work collecting SSD.
      Those who collect food stamps,live in section 8 housing,get their utilities paid for by taxpayers,etc-and are capable of working-I think those are the true members of the FSA.
      I'm sure there's more than a few .gov inc. employees in the III-working on tying to entrap people like the FBI does in all their "terrorism" stings.
      We do not need racists,misogynists,or anti-Semites anywhere in the III-they do not by any stretch of the imagination support rightful liberty.
      I have zero tolerance for such people.

    3. Real important to keep in mind that there is vast number of people out there who identify themselves as III but know absolutely nothing about Western, Sipsey or Kerodin for instance. They're not WN and a great many are young enough to not be taking a government check.

      The blogs that we frequent are just a small slice of the real Patriot community. And unfortunately they are inundated with WN, anarchists, armchair philosophers, Nazis, and other scum.

      The Three Percent is cool. Just not united in purpose yet.

    4. Alan: Absolutely correct - I am always amazed at how many people self-identify as III and aren't aware of our little piece of heaven. It's hard to miss me & Red Mike in any III-related google search. But we are indeed a small piece of the pie - thankfully.

  3. Idaho Statesman
    -Wilder school tells student to remove Confederate flag from truck-

    Picture included with article: Note the Gadsen Flag clearly visible with the Battle Flag displayed on his truck.


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