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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Comms: Jedburgh Class Pictures

Shoot, Move & Communicate.
Strategic Services.

These are the core disciplines guiding the evolution of the Jedburgh Academy.

Sparks31 recently held a Jedburgh class and has some great pics, here.

Radio Comms is a weak spot for me.  H and I will sit for our licenses soon, gear-up, then get ourselves to Sparks to begin the progression from where we are now to competence.  Here is his upcoming schedule.  

This next topic deserves a post - but I'll raise it here just so you can prime your mental pumps for a later discussion.

The Hobbyist Patriot.  In a nutshell, the Hobbyist Patriot is the guy or gal who likes to jump online and rabblerabblerabble between episodes of his favorite sitcoms.  But deep down, you know that person is never going to the Green.  These are our own Drama Queens, our gaggle of 'tween-age' girls who clique-up and rabblerabblerabble while never accomplishing anything tangible for Liberty.  

They create noise.  They tend to destroy rather than build - to find fault rather than work for solutions.  They abandon projects mid-stride.  They are, quite simply, not serious people.  When a task becomes difficult, or an unexpected twist manifests, they quit, or they blame others, they lack that rare inner-driven commitment to find a work-around, to reach the original goal, whatever the cost.  

Leaders lead.  Quitters quit.

I only have 2 bits of advise on the topic at the moment: First, get real-time in the presence of other people claiming to be Patriots, or Militia, or III.  Look one another in the eye.  Break bread.  Take measure.  Do the best you can to refine your BS meter.  Second: Ruthlessly excise the Hobbyist Patriots from your core circle.  

I believe you and I will live long enough to bear witness to millions of deaths on our continent.  We simply do not have the time, resources or energy to waste on the Hobbyist Patriot.

Stay safe.


  1. Here, here. Be diligent, be prepared, be shrewd, and be vicious. Tough Times are upon us, it's best we be on the right side when the hammer drops.

  2. Everyone wants to be a patriot, until it's time to do patriot shit. It is way past time that some folks cowboy the fuck up and get serious. You know who they are, and just as important - they know who the fuck they are too. If you still are unprepared, untrained, tax paying, and obedient... all I can do is pray that your death is merciful.
    Unlikely as that is.... stormfriend sends

  3. Yep. Shit's in motion. For those of us doing the work to be prepared, the pain comes in knowing that there is nowhere near enough time to do all that needs to be done for our families, and also in knowing that there are many, many people we would like to save, but cannot.
    Reality is unforgiving, regardless of how we may feel about it. Those who ignore the severity of the impending storm are condemning themselves to an ugly fate, and in all likelyhood have already put themselves beyond your reach to save.

    Beyond the reality that dead weight simply cannot be afforded remains the fact that their lack of mental preparedness makes them a detriment (and likely even an outright danger) to your group. Act accordingly.



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