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Monday, August 10, 2015

III Comms

I want to thank Sparks31 for the excellent workshop he hosted at PatCon.  It was greatly appreciated by everyone in attendance.
I also thank him for the post he wrote over New Year's on the One Time Pad (OTP).  I hosted a workshop on the OTP Friday (before Sparks arrived) and was very pleased with the level of interest and especially with the folks who used my old Royal Aristocrat (made in 1938 - no WiFi ;) to share OTPs with me before heading out at the end of the weekend.
Folks, you simply must take the time to get together with some of the 'Patriots & Allies' you meet online.  You must do this prior to SHTF so you can take the measure of those who claim they will be with you, or claim they will be headed your way when the Big Ugly begins.
To horribly abuse and paraphrase Mr. Henry - the first shots have already been fired.  Right this moment each of us is merely in the queue, waiting our turn...
More Sparks31 classes, below.  Follow them to his site.  He raffled two free slots to his classes that were BIG favorites at PatCon.
August 15-16, 2015 (next weekend) – Rock Springs, WY – Click here to enroll.
September 5-6, 2015 – Birmingham, AL – Click here to enroll.
April 9-10, 2016 – Upstate, SC – Click here to enroll.

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