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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

III Society Financials

Link is here.

It won't make any difference to my enemies.


  1. K, fuck them in the neck. As I have said before, the safety of the intardweb lets posers, pansies, and pretenders; say b.s. that would never escape their pie hole if they were standing in front of us (h/t Lineman....) And as I've said before, when it's begun, they need to worry less about TPTB, and more about those they lie to and about, because if I can't trust them, I shoot them first. That is all the 'justice' traitors and turn coats and treasonous liars can expect. stormfriend sends...

  2. Grandpa asks you forgive storm his vehement comment and language, although he agrees with it... K, you done yourself proud there, son

  3. Didn't read it, don't care. Stay the course. Halfwolf

  4. My prediction-
    There will be posts that state the Paypal screenshot shows nothing,other than $$$ in the acct.
    Until you can get a 3rd party audit done-the bullshit will continue.
    There's already been waayyy too much bullshit,and it doesn't appear to be slowing down yet.
    Hopefully it ends soon-so some of us can get back to getting shit done.

  5. K- a piece of hard-won advice from corporate FUSA . . . I have over 30 years as an engineer, and I can smell BS (or incompetence) a mile off. Transparency ain't just a buzz-word - it heads off unnecessary CRAP before it starts. People are cynical about money - if you aren't open with everything, someone will make an accusation, justified or not. In my world, if you didn't publish it, IT NEVER HAPPENED. The ONLY way to silence the rock throwers is to have the account independently audited. Then document and publish the results at regular intervals. Unless you're cooking the books, that should solve the problem. Anything less just provides ammunition to the opposition.


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