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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Jedburgh Academy

If you've been watching, you will have noticed a few references to a 'Jedburgh Academy'.

Details will come soon enough, right now everything is coalescing into final form.  This is a complex (yet simple) project with several moving parts that has been in the works for years.

Overview: A cadre of serious III/Patriot/Prepper/Survivalist/Liberty Forces trainers are coming together in a network, building a comprehensive curriculum, and will then teach those of you who wish to learn.  

Understand this: Jedburgh Academy is NOT a few weekends of commitment.  This is a University model.  There are multiple 'tracks' students may take, but the end result is that everyone who attends will demonstrate Shoot, Move & Communicate skills, Auxiliary skills, Resist skills, and Strategic Services skills.  And you WILL demonstrate those skills sufficiently to your Professional Trainers.  

If you are a young buck who wants to run & gun - great - but you will NOT graduate Jedburgh until you prove you know how to preserve food. You will NOT graduate until you can demonstrate proficiency with a QRP rig and whatever -else our Comms trainers insist you NTK (need-to-know),  If you are a wheelchair-bound old man, you will NOT graduate until you prove you can still put a bullet on an X at 200 meters from your front porch.  You want to be a genuine, real-life Sniper-qualified shooter? We've got the instructor who MAY allow you to take his course.  It will not be easy.  It will require everything you've got in the braincase.  And you must STILL prove to guys like Max that you can operate as part of a tactical Team and you must STILL prove you can preserve a jar of peaches.

Yes - just like in College/University, you will have the ability to 'test-out' of classes in which you have sufficient life-experience to demonstrate proficiency.

Jedburgh is designed to train the Officer Corps of Liberty Forces.  Graduates will be the brain trust - the people who can answer the important questions when they are asked by the newly awakened young man when he shows up at your camp with a toddler and a wife who is heavy with their next little one.  The Jedburgh graduates will take point.  The Jedburgh graduates will lead by example and by experience.

We have trainers and training facilities all over CONUS, literally coast to coast, and we are adding more.  Some of our Trainers will be able to routinely travel to participating facilities, some may be able to travel less-frequently, some will not.

The reality is simple: If you think hitting the X with that AR in your safe is all you need to know for the imminent Candid Exchange of Ideas (TM WRSA), and you think your field craft is sufficient because you take a deer every year from a stand over a salt-lick or a pile of apples you threw into the field - you are NOT properly prepared to be part of a serious Liberty Forces Team - much less a Leader or Commander (Yes, Virginia, there IS a difference between a Leader and a Commander.) 

What do graduates earn?  How about a genuine shot at Liberty?  In addition to that, grads will probably earn a woobie kit of essential Liberty Forces Commander/Leader tools.

Want a jump-start?  Sparks31 is offering a pre-Jedburgh course this weekend.  Here are the details.

Those who met him at PatCon will attest, to a man and woman, that you should be at his course.  He has a schedule up - book a class.

Playtime is over, kiddies...

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  1. "and you think your field craft is sufficient because you take a deer every year from a stand over a salt-lick or a pile of apples you threw into the field "

    People also need to know how to butcher their own deer,and all other game animals,and filet fish.
    Everyone better be able to preserve a hell of a lot more than peaches-they need to know how to can veggies,fish,chicken,meats,and wild game.


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