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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Jedburgh Academy

Isn't it fascinating how much energetic and vitriolic opposition to the concept of a training network for III Patriots has generated?  Training and prepping, and building skills for the full spectrum requirements of a SHTF and post-SHTF environment have been a cornerstone of agreement in this community.  

And when I announce such a network - well, we all see what is happening.

I must conclude that since there has been nearly universal agreement that such a training network would be a good thing, the recent opposition to a network of trainers offering skills such as shooting, moving, communicating, building auxiliary and strategic skills must be because of 'who' announced the Jedburgh Academy.

I could see the push back as being reasonable if I announced I was going to teach Comms, or CUTT skills, or even medical.  We have Professional Trainers to teach - and they have their own professional training schools.  As with most III Projects, I'm merely the guy who helped pull 'the talent' and resources together.  I'm just the guy willing to take point and try to get the right people in the right places to work together toward an obviously needed end state.

The ridicule and mockery of the Academy, especially when reduced to the name chosen, makes me grin.  Not one person has put forth a rational, logical argument against why such a network should not exist.  And since not one other person has created such a network - I did, with some outstanding help and counsel from people who shall remain nameless, given how the haters in the community operate.  

Now, it exists.  The Jedburgh Academy.  

Haters gonna hate - that's good for IFF.

But the reality already exists.  The Academy already exists, with participating Professional Trainers and facilities located across the country.  The names may change - some trainers will come and some will go.  The curriculum will evolve.  Schedules will evolve.  We have solid Militia and civilians across the country who want and need training from professionals.  
Now we have a vehicle that will help connect those people more efficiently.

The Jedburgh Academy - where Patriots get the job done.


  1. I am not sure what the point of SFC Barry's post over on WRSA/ MDT was other than to insult those of us who have no military (soldiering) experience. "We are better than you, mind your place" - sounds like something a tyrant would declare.

    You, Mr. Barry, clearly seem to have forgotten, or never knew, that the revolution that gained us our freedom from Great Britain was won by non-professional soldiers - it was won by a group of citizens of diverse social/ economical classes who banded together under the leadership of determined men for the purpose of defeating tyranny. Let's not forget that this was not possible without the support of the Walter Mittys and 40 - 50% of the general population of the time.

    Mr. Barry, your (and your compatriots) disdain for the non-soldier patriot is clear and you said it a lot of different ways but was there another point to your gaseous diatribe? Was it to say that the non-professional soldiers among us have no right to defend our liberty? We must wait for the "Professional Soldiers" to get off their asses? Didn't you take an oath to "...support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic"? What more proof do you need?

    As far as “rattling muskets” at the tyrants, we are not doing that. We already know that won't work as they have no fear of us - after all they have the "Professional Soldier" to defend them. Quite frankly, I am more worried about an economic collapse. Although we are moving further and further into tyranny, I believe an economic collapse is more imminent. The Patriot Community is not only about the loss of liberty, it's also about being able to sustain ourselves in an economic collapse. Are you, Mr. Barry, going to protect us against the mob too while we cower in our peasant house doing nothing because clearly we are not professional soldiers?

    This Walter Mitty would like you to fulfill your oath and defend the country against domestic enemies. I suppose that could backfire as it appears it might be us liberty-loving non-soldier patriots that are your true enemies - you just might be inclined to support the real tyrants, the masters that made you a soldier? Did you perjure yourself in taking the "oath" so that one day you could arrogantly claim, I am a "Professional Soldier - I am better than you”!

    Hopefully you other "Professional Soldiers" that feel the same way as Mr. Barry won't need the food, shelter, and the support of us common folk when things get saucy - We might be inclined to say FUCK YOU!

    And for you other soldiers that are as appalled as we common folk are at the arrogance of Steve Barry, "Professional Soldier", and his compatriots, thank you for your service! Many of us non-soldiers are fully aware of your sacrifice which is one of the reasons we are not willing to let this country go without a fight and are willing to sacrifice our own lives if necessary to preserve liberty.

    "An army of principles can penetrate where an army of soldiers cannot."
    Thomas Paine


  2. What's that guy's deal? SFC berry? What was he trying to accomplish by personally attacking K, the Militia and the Jedburgh Academy? And then calling us anarchists.

    A special thanks should go to Sandman and OP for calling this loser out.

    This SBD Berry should realize, a 7.62x51 has the same effect on a "professional Soldier" as it does us civilians.

  3. The man does not deserve the title SFC. From this day forward he should be known as Bugs Barry. :-)

    1. brother Alan... we could think of what "SFC" is an acronym for. .. creative folks we are and such... I am no longer active duty military; but I don't recall the Misguided Children ever being so indoctrinated as to 'believe our own press'. There is indeed a place for the professional soldier; but they took the same oath I did... "against all enemies, foreign and domestic". He might start there, then his SFC might represent 'support fucking Constitution'... stormfriend sends

  4. K: Thanks for making this happen. We appreciate all that you DO. Just renewed my annual membership. Will be making donations on a regular basis to support the cause. Fuck his midgets with camel toe, who needs that shit anyways. Scott


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