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Monday, August 3, 2015

MVT VERSA & other gear

LT is wearing the Max Velocity VERSA Chest Rig in the pic above.
That rig was passed around PatCon prolifically, and every single person, even the few guys '...who don't like chest rigs...' concluded the MVT Versa is a first-class piece of gear for the serious Patriot.  I have a couple of Patriots writing proper technical reviews for the Versa, and we'll post them as they hit my inbox.  The consensus: The construction is flawless.  The fit works for guys ranging from small to 'Really darned big!'.  Little details like the retention loops that permit you to lash your gear (like a lanyard) was universally considered to be outstanding.  There is more, but I'll leave it to the professionals who wear such gear routinely.
Lite_Litter_in_useThe Lite Litter was tested hard and passed on every level.  It is designed to be used by a 6-man team to carry a wounded ally, and it worked superbly.  As you can see in the pic, we had a group of four III women hefting a 'wounded' gal with no problems.  With six bearers, the task is a breeze.  Your Team needs several of these Lite Litters.  The hand-holds bit one or two people, but it was agreed that if everyone was wearing even light-weight tactical gloves, that problem would go away.  We'll be discussing these MVT items, as well as the Shield, Hammock and shelter over the next week.
I have one personal recommendation: Standardize your tactical team with the Versa rig.  If you doubt me, buy one and run it hard, and see for yourself.  The insert capability is brilliant.  The closures (non-velcro) are clever AND brilliant for silent operation while keeping your gear safe.  
The rig is a winner.  It was designed by a Professional, built by Professionals - to help keep you and your family alive when the world gets ugly.
Get your MVT Gear - here.
More later.


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