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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

And so it goes...

A few members of our local Tribe were interviewed over the weekend by a pair of UK Ph.D.s (one from Scotland the other from Ireland) who are writing a book on the Redoubt.  At lunch the lead Professor asked my opinion of Europe (in the larger context of our discussions during the afternoon).  

I answered that Europe is on the same path as America, only further along the journey.

I think this story supports that assessment: UK Police behind effort to ban knives to end knife violence - here.  The primary group is here.

Don't think American Enemies of Liberty have any intention of stopping once they get your firearms.  

Then they'll come for your Henckels...


  1. Give em' an inch and they will take your dignity.

    Henckels make a hell of a turkey carver.

    Europe is to America, as rotted fruit is to badly bruised fruit. Both are edible, but you notice the stench of one slightly quicker than the other. Both should be discarded and replaced with Anarchy fruit !

  2. Oh hell no-"they" ain't takin' my Henkels,or my Wusthof,or my Sabatier knives-or my Buck hunting knife,or my Gerber skinning knife,or my ancient Old Hickory butcher and boning knives that I use for butchering deer.

    For kitchen knives-Henckels , Wusthof ,and Sabatier-in that order- are hands down the best you can get-other than the high end Dexter-Russell Heritage and Connoisseur series knives which are an acceptable alternate choice.

    By the way-the majority of Henckels, Wusthof,and Sabatier knives sold at places like Target,Costdo,Macy's,Kohls,etc. are not the same quality as their professional grade knives.
    They are specially made,using lower grades of steel,and different manufacturing techniques-as in most are stamped steel-not drop forged like the professional grade knives are.

    This is a real knife...


    This is a real knife...

    You can download the catalog at that page.

    This is a real knife...


    The Dexter-Russell knives that are high quality...



    If you are going to be cooking for large groups on a regular basis-the Dexter-Russel sani-safe knives are acceptable,they have handles that are slip resistant,and are made so that they are easy to sanitize after use.

    There's very,very few friends that I will let use one of my knives.
    The evil redhead ex-wife wasn't allowed to use my knives at all-at any time-for any reason because I caught her using one of my Henckels to cut brownies-in the pan,and she dropped one of my Wusthofs onto a ceramic tile floor and broke the tip-that was a knife that cost me over $100.00 back in the mid 1980's.

  3. Here's a good one on knife control from 2011 by my favorite gun writer...

    Bloomberg Calls For Kitchen-Knife Law Reform
    by David E. Petzal

    "On the weekend of February 12,-(2011)- Maksim Gelman, a 23-year-old Ukranian immigrant with a history of drug arrests, went on a rampage in Brooklyn, NY that left him charged with four murders, two assaults, and two robberies. His weapon of choice was an 8-inch kitchen knife. Four other kitchen knives were found in his car. On February 14, New York City’s Mayor for Life Michael Bloomberg released the following statement:

    “This tragic event demands that America inject some sanity, some kind of reasonable controls, into its kitchen-knife laws. No one but a professional chef needs an 8-inch kitchen knife. No one but a professional chef needs an entire collection of kitchen knives. Why was this person, who had a criminal record, able to buy kitchen knives with no sort of background check? Because anyone can walk into a hardware or kitchen-supply store and buy any knife they want as easily as they can buy a blender or a colander.
    “Unlike guns, knives do not have to be reloaded, which increases their lethal potential. They are easily concealable and quiet. No civilian should have access to weapons this deadly. Kitchen-knife dealers should be required to conduct background checks and report multiple sales. It is time to stand up to the kitchen-knife lobby. I call upon my fellow mayors to join me in the effort to place reasonable controls upon kitchen knives and end this madness.”

    Kitchen-Knife Control: When Parody is Indistinguishable from Reality

    This all came about because a crazed yahoo killed four people with a knife instead of a handgun in the fiefdom of Mayor for Life Michael Bloomberg. If said yahoo had used a handgun, His Honor would have rounded up his tame fellow mayors, gone to Washington, and treated us to yet another gun-control sermon in his adenoidal bleat. But it was knives, so he was silent.

    I thought this was a shame, so I wrote the post of February 18, titled ("Bloomberg Calls for Kitchen Knife Law Reform"), stringing together the clichés that Bloomberg, and Chuck Schumer, and all the usual suspects have used, and substituted “kitchen knives” for “handguns” where appropriate. As reader Breaking Clays pointed out in his comment on the post (and he gets an A+ for this one), the most crushing criticism of an opponent’s point of view you can make is when you write a truly idiotic parody of it and the parody is indistinguishable from the real thing. If this seemed real, it’s because there’s nothing in it you haven’t seen or heard before, spoken or written, in dead seriousness.

    By sheer coincidence, on 2/20, The New York Times published a piece entitled “The Rich, the Famous, the Armed.” It was an examination of who gets full-carry permits in New York City, and to no one’s surprise, the people who benefit from “reasonable gun laws” are Don Imus, Howard Stern, Robert De Niro, Donald Trump, and Harvey Keitel, to name some of the people you would recognize. The rest are simply rich, or well connected, or both.

    Mayor Bloomberg, being a good oligarch, believes as George Orwell wrote in Animal Farm, that “…all pigs are equal, but some are more equal than others.”



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