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Friday, September 4, 2015

Kit Lange: The Concept of Innocent Until Proven Guilty in the Patriot Movement

UPDATE: Pete's perspective.

The man defines gravitas.


Here's the piece.

An outstanding bit of counsel we should ALL seek to emulate more often.


  1. Christian Tolerance, and the assumption of innocence until proven guilty, are foundational to our civil society.

    Notice how each has been undermined - Tolerance has been redefined; Marriage is being redefined; and in the same vein, the presumption of innocence is being redefined as well... all to our harm.

    All to our harm.


  2. I've been staying out of this poo slinging contest since the beginning. All it does is tear us apart, no matter who is right and who is wrong. Gotta bitch, then go to the source, there is no need air dirty laundry. I've read all sides and I'll make up my own mind as to who did what to whom when all the facts are in. I'm just sad to see this happen. Well, I have to go battle hurricanes to bring a boat back from Ne Zealand and I hope to God y'all get ur heads screwed on straight.
    Lynn A. Stokes aka Loco Gato
    Eastern Pacific Yacht Delivery Service
    Morro Bay, Ca.


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