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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Only Ones & the III

David Codrea coined the 'Only Ones' phrase.  In recent weeks and months we have seen the 'Only Ones' attitude appear in the III community from particular quarters.  The slaps at Militia and non-.mil and are quite illustrative.  This is only one avenue of attack currently being employed against the III in attempts to create divisions and damage morale and cohesion.  

If you have any doubts that the III as an entity is under a coordinated and financed attack, simply increase your altitude and look at recent events from a sufficient height.  Use your objective lens to see the Alinsky tactics being employed.

The 'Only Ones' attitude is repugnant to most of us.  In addition to the attacks upon the III, the news has been filled over the last several months with the fallacy that American LEO are under attack.  Enemies of Liberty are using that fallacy to push for everything from more gun control to a campaign against 'hate groups'.  Make no mistake, you are considered part of a Hate Group.  You are considered as someone who needs to 'be dealt with.'

I'll take just a moment to pierce the 'LEO are under attack' meme.

Most Americans like deer.  They are attractive animals.  Cute, even.  You'll be hard-pressed to find an American who doesn't like Bambi.  They are herbivores - they do not eat children. They are not scary. The biggest problem we have with deer, as a society, is that they eat our gardens and are a hazard when we drive.

We like deer in America.

And a small subset of Americans kill millions and millions of the critters every single year.  A quick scan of annual harvest numbers across the country suggests at least 10 million are taken each year for the freezer.  The harvest in just 3 states (Michigan, Texas & Idaho, as a random sample) exceeds one million deer each year.  We shoot them with pointy sticks that make them bleed out, and with devastating bullets that shatter their bones and rip their flesh.  We slaughter them.

And we like them.

There are just about one million badges and guns in American LEO.  

Just how long do you think the Open Season would need to be to harvest a million or so bad Americans enforcing Tyranny upon their neighbors, if even a tiny minority of people decided to go hunting?

126 LEO were killed in 2014.

LEO: If Americans ever decide to hunt you, you will not lose 126 per year.

You'll be extinct in months.

Fuck around and find out...

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