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Thursday, September 3, 2015

Opera non verba has multiple meanings - including 'Watch what they do, ignore what they say..."

Communist Party takes star role in China's war parade - here

U.S. Shadowing Russian Ship in Atlantic Near Nuclear Submarine Areas - here

Five Chinese Navy Ships Are Operating in Bering Sea off Alaska - here

Nothing to see here.  Move along, Citizen.  The Russians still move their troops by trains! The Chinese have no plans outside their current borders!  Golitsyn was a plant!

Fact: You need more bullets.  Team BearDragon may never set boots on US soil - but they sure would like to watch us burn to the ground.  And, they have more than a few agents inside our wire helping start fires...

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  1. "They have more than a few agents inside our wire" is an understatement. At least half of those in congress are openly playing for team red, as is the family presently occupying the white house, and dozens of his appointees. And for a round number I'd say that 2/3rds of the state houses are overrun by reds, as well.
    Reasonably acknowledging these facts, any rational person can promptly arrive at the following summation:
    1. Their objective is plainly declared - "fundamental transformation", I.e. "Revolution"

    2. As revolutionaries, they have no respect or concern for anything other than their idealistic objective. That is, they will let nothing stand in the way of creating their imagined perfect society.

    3. Their moral posture approves of the use of force, on whatever scale is necessary, to "convert" everyone to the acceptance of their imagined ideal. They don't expect or even believe in "consent". Those who cannot be converted must be eliminated

    4. In accordance with items #1 and 3, they will continue to push every facet of society to its breaking point and beyond. IOW, they will break it so that they can "fix" it in the way that best suits their ideals, and all opposition be damned

    5. Accepting #4, above as fact, only one course of resolution has validity: that of armed counter-revolution. So the statement, YOU DO NOT HAVE ENOUGH AMMO, is a gross understatement of foundational truth. Reality is that none of us has a sufficient cache of the various and sundry supplies necessary for sustainment of required counter-revolutionary efforts. We shall have to forrage upon our enemies to sustain our efforts. Plan accordingly.

    The only choice you have left is whether to fight, or submit to their intentions. All other options have been rendered invalid at this point...



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