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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Region X III Patriots: FTX

Hey brothers, You are invited to Castle Rock, WA for a FTX on the 25th thru 27th of September. Comsec will be set up for all on this side of the cascades.

All III % are requested to show and stand up now. 

Understood if you can just come on Saturday (26th ) which will be the most important day .

Primitive bivwac area only. Training will be comsec, code, dead drops, general radio op and procedures, 1st aid, edible plants of PNW, glass house, TBA range and survival and more.

Free training, but food from Mess will have a small charge.

Contact : Lonesomewolf_iiipercent.com for further. 

1 comment:

  1. Thank You K for your support .
    I am having trouble with the iiipercent email but I can be contacted thru Lonesomewolf@hughes.net . We can't hide anymore it costs too much of our liberty . Thanks again for standing up !


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