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Friday, October 2, 2015

Drafting Exercise: Implementing Rightful Liberty

It is satisfying to see Liberty Forces adopting Mister Jefferson's definition of Rightful Liberty as the proper goal for our efforts.  

Concerned American at WRSA has posed the most important question on the topic: How do we get there from here?  This is meat and potatoes, rubber to the road, real world consideration of what truly matters - the 'how' of it all.

For my new readers: Comments on this piece are welcome, but WRSA is our Green Dragon Tavern.  I suggest you comment there instead for discussion purposes.  Here's the link.

There are several fundamental and inescapable realities that must be recognized and factored into the plan of action.

- Most Americans have no frame of reference for understanding Rightful Liberty.

- Most Americans, an overwhelming majority, will not want a state of Rightful Liberty once they understand it and the associated responsibilities.

- Most Americans, an overwhelming majority, will actively resist and work against a state of Rightful Liberty.  The motivations will be varied, but the resistors will find common ground in their efforts. 

- Most Americans, an overwhelming majority, will only accept political impositions they determine to be 'Constitutional'.  Forget the million and one definitions of what is or is not 'Constitutional' - forget the fact that the average American has never read and never will read the Constitution, the fact remains that 'The Constitution' is the touchstone of legitimacy. Even the most rabid Leftists and Marxists in America find 'Legitimate Constitutional Authority' in their tyrannies.  They must.  Even if only in '...the penumbra...'

**Whatever your thoughts on the Constitution, DoI and BoR, your neighbor buys into the premise that all political legitimacy in America MUST be Constitutionally grounded - regardless of how they define 'Constitutional'.  Remember, we are dealing with a body of people who truly believe that SCOTUS is the final, legitimate arbiter of what is, and is not, 'Constitutional'. You can't fix Stupid, but you'd better factor it into your Plan of Action.

- Final reality to consider: You must be willing to genuinely respect the Rightful Liberty of your neighbor.  You must be willing to defend your neighbor's Rightful Liberty when infringed by any third party.  Merely typing on a keyboard is a fail.  Remaining silent in the face of witnessing trespasses against him is not only a fail - but a surrender of your Soul.

How do we get to Rightful Liberty from here:

- You are responsible for your own front porch and by extension, your AO.  Only when your porch and AO are havens for Rightful Liberty should you look further for dragons to slay.

- You should take point on building a Team of like-minded people and train in all the skills necessary for surviving and prevailing in an ugly, openly hostile, grid-down environment. This includes everything from Shoot, Move & Communicate to keeping your friends, family and neighbors warm, fed, hydrated, mentally and physically healthy.  If your local environment doesn't degrade to grid-down status - you'll be ahead of the game.  You must undertake the daunting challenges associated with building the infrastructure in your AO to accomplish these necessities.  

- You must take the decision that all people in your AO who are actively impeding a state of Rightful Liberty must stand down - one way or another.  The problem MUST be reduced to the individual level.  Whether LEO or politician, bureaucrat, Useful Idiot or simply neighbors who insist their particular value-set should be imposed regardless of Rightful Liberty and Natural Law - these people must stand down. They must not be permitted access to the controls of society - ever.  The entire FSA and Parasite class must be extirpated.  How you convince people to respect the Rightful Liberty of others is on You to decide.  

Recommended protocols for encouraging Bad People to cease & desist: 

~ Tell them politely to stand down.  
~ If they comply, problem is solved.
~ If they do not comply: Tell them firmly to stand down or gather their possessions and voluntarily leave the AO - they should become Mexicans or Canadians.  Failure to comply results in fixed bayonets, poking them in the butts as you march them out of the AO with whatever they can carry from their homes.  If they resist - they are hog-tied and put on a mode of transportation out of the AO with the shirts on their backs.  If they resist with violence while continuing to infringe the Rightful Liberty of the community members - respond in kind.  Add calcium hydroxide in liberal quantities.

- 'Restore the Constitution' should be the guiding war cry to address the touchstone realities detailed above. Derive the legitimacy for your efforts by citing the DoI, USC and BoR as it was ratified, and before it was corrupted by Marbury.  That is the ideological sweet spot. Remind your allies that the USC was a Good Faith effort by most of the people involved, and almost immediately corrupted by Bad People.  

- Once your AO is clear of those who are actively seeking to impose their will and infringe the premise of Rightful Liberty, each and every AO should determine for themselves whether to move forward under the principles of the USC, or determine a political structure that works for them.  The baseline of Rightful Liberty must be maintained, regardless of the political system that You and your allies stand-up.  

- Once your AO is clear, consider aiding neighboring AOs rid their Enemies of Liberty. Establish good relations based on the common ground of Rightful Liberty.  Work together. Repeat this process.  If every AO on the map that becomes a haven for Rightful Liberty represents a small dot, help to grow those dots into large masses.

- 10 serious men in each state working for a solid week would be a very good start.

America is a vast land.  We have a very diverse population, despite our many commonalities.  All we should demand of one another is a mutual respect for - and defense of - Rightful Liberty.  This is what should make us 'Americans'.  Beyond that, we should all be free to be Virginians, Texans, Catholics, Jews, vegetarians, Scifi fans, alcoholics, academics, virgins or sluts or any other subset we choose.

No coercion.

How do we 'pay for' the nukes that keep the wolves of the world at bay and the other essentials that are realities of living in a hostile world?  How do we ensure we don't end up like Washington trying to fight the British with no supplies and no political mechanisms to acquire those supplies?  

I still maintain the USC/BoR, as ratified, is the best political model ever implemented by Man.  I also maintain it could be better - but at this point in the History of Man, nothing else has ever come close.  

In a country rid of people who would infringe Rightful Liberty, comprised of moral and principled and honest men, the USC/BoR model remains the Gold Standard.

Fixing the details - even if it is a complete overhaul - is only possible once we extirpate the Parasites and Enemies of Liberty.  

That's how we get there from here.


  1. Wrong forum there. The joint is plagued with far too many enemies of the Constitution. :-)

    1. Mah Jong Man chimes in. Quit yer whining already. Try planning for 2070 instead of 1770; your descendants will thank you. Now doesn't that sound better than, "What a numbskull."

  2. I'm beginning to think everywhereis the wrong forum, outside of a foxhole.


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