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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Insanity in America on Display

The Hammonds: Five Years - here (Petition here)

Terrorism Charges in Georgia for the Confederate Flag - here

Copyright Law to impact aggregators and stifle 1A - here

BLM on the hunt in Texas - here

DHS/Stasi hunting Americans on American Soil - here

DoJ creates new 'Domestic Terror Counsel' - here (Guess who's on his Naughty list...)

Patriots: The only way you will ever know Liberty and Freedom is to separate yourselves from Enemies of Liberty.  Not by city blocks or country miles or even states.  Enemies of Liberty must stand down or leave CONUS.  Anything less is a fart in a hurricane.


  1. Heidi Beirich

    Please, please, please just go away or have a fatal heart attack, whatever

    The Despicable $outhern Poverty Law Center

  2. "Enemies of Liberty must stand down or leave CONUS."

    They ain't leaving CONUS. I'm pretty sure that leaves only one realistic option. Happily, that's all that matters. Even better, it's their choice.

  3. Patriot Brothers and Sisters ~ Governments throughout the world are now required to deport and restrict from reentry those individuals who participate in public or private statements, advocacy and acts of violence and threats of violence. Radical islamist terrorists continue to tell us that they will continue to kill and destroy us and take over our countries.

    It is time for Christians and other concerned citizens to stand up and demand that governments remove the radical islamist who preach, teach and threaten violence. Shooting and rock throwing are grounds for police and arms citizens to shoot those aggressors. Rocks are deadly weapons, as are knoves and rifles and pistols and bombs.

    If these individuals wish to hate and kill and rape and sodomize our children, we must deport them and if they become violent, we, citizens of every nation have a right and a duty to defend our selves. our families, our faith and our freedom.

    Peace comes through strength. Until we stand up and refuse to tolerate ugly, hateful, violent extremists we will continue to be victimized by these thugs, these terrorists. We must refuse to allow guests in our countries tell us what we can and cannot do. They can leave our countries and return to the cultures and countries that they have destroyed.

    Every nation must seal their borders immediately, refuse entry and deport those who are illegal immigrants and/or refuse to peacefully coexit. Religious liberty is only a peaceful expression of one's faith. islam is a political organization disquised as a religion; however, if some believe in that political movement, they will need to return to a land that will tolerate their aggressive and violent conduct.

    In general every American and citizens of every land need to be prepared to defend their families, faith and freedom; specifically you and I need to prepared to defend our nation, our lives, pur way of life, by whatever means necessary. We can debate, discuss and agree or disagree peaceably; however, if others mean to kill us and destroy our country then this is war and we must eliminate the threat, period.
    God bless us. Restore Rightful Liberty and defeat all enemies. Peace...


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