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Monday, October 26, 2015

No more Russian Bride emails...

The alarm today is deeper: The ultimate Russian hack on the United States could involve severing the fiber-optic cables at some of their hardest-to-access locations to halt the instant communications on which the West’s governments, economies and citizens have grown dependent.

No worries - most people wouldn't even notice, except when foreign-based porn servers stop transmitting into CONUS, and the NFL loses its London feed.  After all, the Russians still move their troops by train - no worries for us.  They'll never lay a glove on America...  

And yes, I know some of this is merely the War Party hyping to lay the ground for the fight they want in order to cover Bankster/Politician misdeeds.  But do not dismiss the very real ideological desire held by Team BearDragon to see America on her knees.

Story is here.

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