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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

On what Evidence, by what Modality...

War in America is imminent.  Those who mean to be Masters will not relent short of a backfist.

Enemies of Liberty in California intend to reduce your Natural and Constitutional Rights to the whims of one's neighbors.  The man who means to be the next Governor of California has called for a direct vote - simple majority up or down regarding 2A.

Two wolves and a sheep deciding the dinner menu - without even the veneer of 'Optics'.

I can't be bothered by those on the political Right who worry that 2A is subject to repeal - to accept that argument is to accept that 1A is legitimately open to repeal.  Get it?
War in America is imminent - unless we have indeed lost our Right to govern ourselves by abdication of the Liberty Gene.

So, on what evidence do Liberty Forces take the decision that waiting for some magical moment in the future holds more likelihood of victory than today?  Is there a shred of evidence that Liberty Forces are growing or coalescing, working together, training together, even identifying one another in any significant manner that demonstrates a legitimate analytical trendline that our odds improve tomorrow over today?

No.  There is not.  Examples of the specific do not translate to the general in this matter.

Attrition is a far more evident factor impacting Liberty Forces than anything else on display.

All evidence and critical analysis indicates that Liberty is not only in full retreat in America, not only on life support, but in fact a corpse that simply twitches here and there as final electrical impulses mimic some level of life.  Ignoring reality will never alter reality.

The Remnant is now.

Some mythical and/or 'rationalized' tomorrow will be too late.

Just sayin'...

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  1. Been saying that.
    Got tired of the echo chamber
    not being loud enough to drown
    out the verbal diarrhea of patriot posers,
    snake-oil pimps, and "tough" talking
    militant pacifists.


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