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Monday, October 12, 2015

Russia Escalates

More bombing in Syria, despite 'threats' from Washington.

Here - banner story.

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  1. The american slave government does not want to come out and condem what the russian slave government is doing, because doing so would show that the American slave government actually backs the the American slave government created ISIS "terrorist." Plenty of folks on the battlefield, all killing the crap out of everyone else, but only one group is a terrorist, one group is bad, and the other group is a savior.

    I guess if all this action was playing out in iowa, that would make threepers the terrorist, america bad, and russia the savior ?

    How about this. ISIS is simply an american government creation and is evil. The russian government is evil. The american government is evil. The only individuals in the equation not evil are the ones on their own private property being trespassed against.


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