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Monday, October 5, 2015

Training Opportunities

MVT - here.  (MVT Gear - here)

Sparks31 - here.

Combatives - Find a local Krav studio and train hard for 6 months.  If you want Fight to Your Weapon - come to Idaho.  ;)

If you want to keep current on your Fight to Your Weapon techniques - here.

How to Feed Large Groups - To be announced soon!

Combat Handgun/Shotgun/Rifle - Jedburgh Academy Spring 2016.

Build Your Own AR or 1911 - Jedburgh Spring 2016 (and your town if you host a class!)

III Comms - Jedburgh Academy Spring 2016

Strategic Services: Setting up a Strategic Services Shop in your AO - Jedburgh Academy Spring 2016

Shoot, Move & Communicate.  Auxiliary.  Strategic Services.

Spend your training dollars wisely, folks.  Paying a mediocre trainer is more than merely a waste of dollars...

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