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Monday, November 9, 2015

A dose of reality from PJB


Some mistakes you only get to make once...

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  1. Europe has poisoned herself with toxic doses of "socialism" over the past 4 generations. The key tennets of such "socialism" being -
    * import "labor"
    * export "problems"
    * deny all consequences of their folly by insisting that the 'fix' for any undeniable problem is.... more socialism

    The noose around their necks is of their own making, and their only hope of salvation begins with an unqualified admission that socialism and open borders are **the** cause of all this trouble, and a blanket renunciation of all this "EU Community" tripe.
    To hell and damnation with it all. I will have hope for the people of Europe when I hear them proclaiming in the streets, "France for the French, and Germany for Germans. All of you Africans go back to Africa, and all you muslims go back to hell, where you belong."


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