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Saturday, November 21, 2015


Let's go Socratic for a moment...

If Islam is indeed 'invading' Europe through 'migration' - and the same is happening here in smaller numbers...

...and we have our own 'immigration invasion' taking place from south of the border...

What is to be done?

Do we focus on the South of the Border folks in our borders?

Do we work to shut down the 'Muslim Refugees' being brought into the country?

Do we focus our energy and efforts on the politicians in America who are making it happen?

All of the above?

We have limited resources, a very limited voice.  Time is even shorter.

Have any suggestions?  Show your work.  What do we do that makes the invasion of America stop before it reaches EU proportions?

As usual, if you prefer to communicate privately, drop me an email.


  1. There is no "political solution" available, because any political solution would be predicated upon the existence of a political system responsive to the electorate, and properly operating within a framework of laws based upon objective and equitable standards.
    Since we have none of that, we're going to have to do it the 'old fashioned way' - i.e. by applying social and other means of pressure readily available to us, which send an unequivocal message to our target audience in a broad and direct fashion...

    The means may not be 'nice', and there's likely to be a bit of back-blast from the imperial lackeys, but the alternative is so repugnant that I believe it's well worth going all-in, right now, before our communities are infested with dug-in enemies who are willing to die in place as a tribute to the demon they worship...

    I've been saying this for over a decade now, but it's only recently that people have begun to take the statement seriously ~

    There is only one solution to the muslim problem -
    Kill every last muslim,
    Burn every last copy of their satanic book.
    Burn every last mosque to the ground.
    Burn every last dwelling they have occupied,
    And wherever you must burn,
    Salt the ground heavily.



  2. Who ever supports islam and muslims is endorsing satanism. Islam is from the pit of hell, and as LT states, it needs to be eradicated from the face of the earth. Nothing short of completion eradication of islam will suffice. Islam is evil to the core and it will never coexist with anyone. If you do not agree with this and with what LT stated, you have no business claiming you are part of the III. You are part of the problem. William Wallace

  3. "All this talk about the best revenge being forgiveness, or outliving your foe, or finding compassion for the person who ripped you a new one, is bullshit. All that really means is you laid in bed, stared at the ceiling and ground your teeth, appalled by your inability to act, covering your hypocritical scat with counterfeit righteousness. Don't ever confuse virtuousness with fear, or the courage to act with iniquity. One empowers wickedness, the other sends it howling back to hell. The best revenge is seeing fear in your enemy's eyes."
    Travis Christian
    I don't know who Travis Christian is, but I agree with him. Especially this part: The best revenge is seeing fear in your enemy's eyes.
    Miss Violet

  4. Speaking from personal experience, the best revenge is seeing defeat in your enemy's eyes. It most often manifests as a blank stare coated with a milky haze, as their body grows cold...

    I have neither patience nor mercy, where muslims are concerned. There is a limit beyond which forbearance ceases to be virtue, and we have long since passed it.


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