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Saturday, November 7, 2015

III Officer Corps

I maintain the III Patriots reading this blog will represent the III Officer Corps - those of you who are up to the task.  When people around you begin to Awaken en masse, they will turn to you and people like you for guidance.  By default you will take point, or you will retreat.

If you intend to take point, you must use every moment we have to build your skill set across the spectrum.  Your 'Local, local, local' will be a complete microcosm of the larger world.  In it you will need security and defense and all the skills of the prepper, the militiaman, the teacher, the priest and more.  

I chose the Jedburgh Model because they worked in 3-Man Teams, deep behind enemy lines, tasked with essentially what you will find challenging you - the necessity to guide a group of unprepared, untrained people toward survival and then to victory - however you will define 'Victory' in your AO.

If 'you' don't take point - who around you is as capable?

If 'you' don't think you can do it, let me remind you that the Jed Teams had at most 6 weeks of training stateside before they climbed aboard the Mary & Elizabeth.  There they trained for about 3 months - and they spent the remainder of their time honing skills just waiting for orders.

And lest you buy into the hype that the Jeds were all hard-drawn men of iron at the beginning of their training, with years of special warfare training - remember this:

Some were army regulars, but many more came into the military from civilian life after the war began. And they were a tremendously mixed lot, coming from all walks of pre-war life: brewery worker, scholar, Hollywood stuntman, lawyer, silver polisher, business executive, whiskey taster, stockbroker, physical therapist, bank auditor, lumberjack, musician, restaurateur, foundry worker, French nobleman, grocery deliveryman, chemical lab assistant, photoengraver, politician, tennis pro, oil executive, and cattle rancher. 

There were engineers, radio repairmen, newspaper reporters, college undergraduates, medical and law school students, taxi drivers, university lecturers, high school teachers, and athletic coaches. 

But, as diverse as their backgrounds were, they also had much in common. They all were men of adventurous spirit—not inclined to shrink from a challenge or to look for the easy way out. And they were men who liked to think for themselves.  - Will Irwin

You do NOT need a pedigree approved by anyone else to be a serious III Patriot.  You simply need to muster the mettle and develop the skills to lead others to safety - as best you are able.  You do not need a thousand men - you need a small, tight knot of real Patriots on whom you can depend.  Weed out the Hobbyists and Fakes as fast as they reveal themselves, and move on with what you've got.

We do not shrink from challenges.  Each challenge is unique and requires its own special remedy - that's what we do.  

Liberty is in the balance.  Not only for us - but for your children, and grandchildren...

Are you a serious Leader and/or Commander in the Liberty Forces?  

The choice, ultimately, is yours and yours alone.  And time is short.

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  1. Yep. My thoughts exactly. But I do want as many guns against shoulders as I can get. Just prudent I think.

    For the record, it's called militia. An integral part of our country. The main tool to keep the game honest.

    A little contrary to the Looney Tunes gang and assorted imbeciles over at WRSA though. I suspect there will be rude awakenings for some "patriots" as well when the rain begins to fall hard.


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