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Friday, November 13, 2015


Dr. Troy Sacquety sent me a copy of his scholarly piece in v11/n1 copy of Veritas Journal regarding the Operational Groups of the OSS.  It is titled 'Skokoski's Journey' and I commend it to every serious III Percent Patriot.  I did a quick online search and was unable to find it - so you may want to contact USASOC directly and request a copy.

Red Dawn and 'Wolverines!' are fantasies.  If Liberty is to prevail in America it will be accomplished by courageous, motivated and patriotic American amateurs who understand and apply the full spectrum of the skills and techniques of Donovan's OSS, working with the citizen soldiers of the traditional American Militias, with a healthy respect for localized, practical politics and culture.

The rest is just noise.  Don't allow yourself to be distracted into inaction by Useful Idiots.


  1. I just watched show called :World War Two: Spy School. It was about the USA's first spy school call Camp X Ray. Col. Fairbairn taught the hand to hand combat. The school wrote the manual of spying and the camp ran the first radio intercept center. the graduates went on to train the new camps in the USA. The new trainers and new graduated became the unknowns who singly jumped into France, Greece, China and led rebels and partisans in to war against the enemy. They were 19-22 years old and several lived on to dream of the escapades they lived through. I saw it on Netflix on the Smithsonian channel. Very interesting interviews with the survivors.


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