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Sunday, November 15, 2015

Yantis: November 21 Ada County Courthouse

We will be gathering in front of the Ada County Courthouse demanding justice is served in the death of Jack Yantis. This demonstration has a very specific goal, release the audio and video footage of the shooting of Jack Yantis.

Remember, this is not an anti-cop protest, this is a demand for justice.

This group is doing it right - they have a specific and attainable goal - the release of the audio and video footage.  If they succeed, they win.  If they are stonewalled, they win because the people who fail to provide the audio and video will IFF themselves.

Here are the details (FB)

Coverage of the recent protest in Council, here.


  1. Respectfully, I remain cynical and bitter
    and will accept nothing less than decorating
    lampposts, streetlights and trees with
    the high hanging fruit of any and all murderers,
    traitors, communists and quislings whores;
    especially that rare breed of the shameless sluts
    of state media.

    1. Agreed. Looking across the nation I do not see any similar protests - armed or otherwise - by any groups, including III groups.

      That tells me the groups here in Idaho are on the leading edge of the curve - out on-point. If that analysis is correct, one can conclude the first lamp posts in America to be decorated by traitors are likely to be here...

  2. A bunch of folks holding cardboard signs, begging their masters for something. A waste of time. 3 things need to be done. 1. obtain the video of the murder. 2. hang the murderers. 3. Next time ANYONE initiates violence against you, you blow their brains out in self defense. FUCK PROTEST. I am only interested in OUTRIGHT REBELLION. The only way to get master off your back is to physically remove him from your back. All the candles, cardboard signs, and standing around in free speech zones ain't gonna do a damn thing.

    You know these people allowed themselves not to be able to record the first meeting with the sheriff, because all these people are scared, indoctrinated cowards. Nothing will change with the slaves obeying master. End of story.


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