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Monday, November 9, 2015


CavMedic has called me out on the Yantis shooting - fair enough.

1) We have an idea of what happened, but we do not yet have all the information.

2) There is a well-organized and experienced III organization here in Idaho and they are monitoring the situation.  You can find their FB here and their website here.  When they know, they will report, and then we can all decide a prudent recourse.  At this time I trust their judgment on this matter.  Disclosure: I am not a member of that specific organization.

3) Adams County is more than 250 miles and at least one mountain range outside of my personal AO.  I will permit local III Percenters to determine the facts before I stick my nose into that AO.  Then I will decide if it is appropriate to travel or roll the TOC.

RLR discussion here.

Stand by...


  1. Just read the family acct. Sounds more plausible. WTF ? Need some BMFs.

    1. Agreed - it stinks and I suspect the truth is badness.

      Once we are agreed on what most likely happened, we can discuss a proper response.

    2. It was not a call out, just a question, that
      upon reflection reads as extremely jaded.
      I don't cheap shot at allies I have no grievances
      My policy is to do that in public with despicable
      shitbags, liars, posers, statists disguised as patriots,
      and communists.
      I especially reserve that bile for jackboots that
      brutally murder six year old children.

    3. No worries - I didn't take it as hostile. I haven't commented on Yantis for the reasons listed above - and the fact that I spent the last week in California handling some ankle-biter issues. ;)

  2. The family members stories are all pretty much the same,and at the time they first talked to media,they had not had the time to rehearse a false story,so I lean toward believing what the family has to say.
    I've also read several stories about the Idaho State Patrol covering for guilty cops,witholding info,cops giving perjured testimony,and even blaming a guy whoa cop hit going in excess of 100mph for the cop hitting the guys Jeep and killing him.
    I think this case deserves a special prosecutor from out of state,and an out of state judge-that way,there's no good old boy network cover up taking place-maybe.
    Maybe use private investigators,and no cops are to testify other than the two that shot Mr.Yantis so that there's no other cops giving testimony as to what heroes the deputies are.
    It's very likely that there will be no charges filed if ISP does the investigation,they will as I'm sure that they will claim Mr.Yantis was armed,so the cops were "in fear for their lives",and were only defending themselves against an armed man-and on and on.
    One of the articles I read stated that the deputies pretty much used the bull for target practice with an A-R. FMJ 5.56 ammo is not a good round for killing large animals-the bullets go in at .22 caliber,and come out at .22 caliber,no expansion,no fragmentation.
    This is just conjecture-a theory,but it is possible something similar is what took place...
    Could be Mr. Yantis called the douchenozzles out for fucking up his bull-and one or both took offense,and decided no mere citizen was going to talk to them like that and they tried snatching the .204caliber rifle that Mr. Yantis was going to humanely kill the bull with from Mr.Yantis as they grabbed him from behind, then somebody's gun went off,and the douchenozzle cops just kept shooting till they had empty mags.
    The bull bled out over a period of a couple hours,since Mr. Yantis never got the chance to put a .204 bullet in the bull's brain. With hunting bullets,and the 4,000fps velocity of the .204,the bull would have died instantly.
    The sheriff's dispatch called Mr.Yantis to take check on the condition of his bull-and to put his bull down if need be.
    Instead somehow the deputies used Mr, Yantis for CQB live fire practice.
    The whole thing reeks,and if it went down the way the family says it did-the cops should be sentenced to death.
    Chances of the cops being found guilty-fair to piss poor.

    1. If they aren't found guilty by the "just us" system, there is always street justice. Why not kick off the hot war with some examples? :)

  3. Score this as another "free Waco."
    Nothing more, nothing less.
    Don't forget to add the standardized
    and heaping mix of commentary, stir
    thoroughly, and nothing.
    That is where I see this going.
    Its not defeatist pessimism.
    Its the reality of tallying the recent, some-what
    recent, and decades of victory by communists
    and traitors.
    Without a single punch being thrown, a single fight
    fought, or a single shot fired, despicable shitbag
    treasonous traitors victoriously destroy our Constitutional
    Republic, every second of every minute, of every hour, of
    each day, of every week, of every month, of every year......
    Own it.


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