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Thursday, December 10, 2015

A Serious Question for Serious Patriots

I am not a scholar -- or even well-educated in the conventional sense -- on the Crusades or the religious history thereof.

My question:  Was there a singular, or small number of events, that led the Crusaders to the path of Total War against Islam?  Was there a single, or a few events, that inflamed the fervor of pushing Islam back from the boundaries of civilized men?  Or was it a long series of cumulative events that led to unbridled bloodshed?

I ask this of our more educated readers.

Second: Is there ANY reason we should wait here on CONUS for a mountain of events to push all of these people back whence they came?

If I  lived in rattlesnake country - I'd kill every f'n rattlesnake on my property - and I'd probably dare trespass on my neighbor's property to do the same.

Just sayin'.


  1. K, watch these two videos, and it will answer the questions you raise above. The speaker is a PHD physicist. He explains islam as it truly is. No BS of misleading information. He does not talk about muslims, just islam.

    Watch the videos in the order listed below.
    A Rational Study of Radical Islam, by Dr. Bill Warner

    Why We Are Afraid, A 1400 Year Secret, by Dr Bill Warner

  2. And that first video explains what is in the Hadiths - that there are four stages to Jihad -
    1. Come as a poor man, on your knees (to the kafirs);
    2. Stand up and deal with them (kafirs) as equals;
    3. War against them as a soldier of allah, with blood in the streets;
    4. Rule over them like kings, crushing forever their unbelief.

    These correspond very neatly and cleanly with the four stanges of Muhammad's "ministry" - at Mecca he was peaceful, and his group was small - he and his community were small, begging to be listened to. Then they undertake the journey to Medina, and they arrived as strangers, thus the "coming" to them *as though* poor, when they were not - they were a self-supporting community.

    Then they undertook to deal with them (specifically the Jews at Medina) as equals, claiming have respect for them and be equal with them, both in their reverence for god ***AND*** in the quality/value of their goods. IOW, the muslims copycatted the Jewish merchants.
    Then, once they had a sufficient portion of the business in medina, they opened warfare upon the Jews, slaughtering them, driving them out, or accepting their submission (conversion) to islam. This "conversion" was the least part of the Jihad to take Medina; the slaughter was the greatest part.
    And then they ruled at Medina like kings, and kept out all the unbelievers, so that only muslims could do business there.

    Now you know that, all the way back to the founders lifetime, Islam is not a religion, but an instrument of government for controlling people, and trade.


  3. Watched - brilliant. Thank you. K

  4. I guess I'll summarize, relying upon the videos Matt posted to show the facts of the islamic push into Europe over the lsat 1400 years -

    In any given place, there likely were specific events which served to initiate retaliation against the muslim invasion. But because of the relentless onslaught of isalm against the entirety of southern and eastern Europe, there came to be very high ambient pressure against islam in the culture. Remember, there was no CNN or 48 hour news cycle; The stories your father and grandfather told were treated as relevant news. And there was a history of such bad news hundreds of years, long where islam was concerned. The smarter guys in any given community put 2 and 2 together, and understood that islam was advancing, driving towards them; and if they din't bring the fight to islam, then islam would surely bring thei fight to their home town. Maybe that would be two or four generations down the line, but inevitably it would do so - and back then that actually mattered to the vast majority of people.

    The approach of "vote with your feet" hadn't become pratical yet, so you had to live on and defend the same patch of soil your great-grandfather did; and your great grandkids would have to, in their day after you. That was reality.

    The irony is that this is still absolutely true, but people don't grasp it any more - if you don't bring the fight to evil, eventually evil *will* bring the fight to you, or your descendants. And it doesn't matter how many times you "move out of the way"...eventually there will be no place left to go. Avoidance of an existential conflict is submission to ultimate defeat. That is why every generation must exert themselves, foremost, to turn away the existential threat(s) which they face.

    It's pretty simple, really. So simple, in fact, that most people overlook it and remain confused about what their priorities should be.
    Always deal with the existential first, otherwise you won't need to deal with the rest - it will deal with you.



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