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Friday, December 18, 2015

America First - or - WWIII

Smart money is betting on the latter.

PJB - here.

You need more ammo.


  1. "The War Party Republicans"... as if there is a difference between (R) and (D)?!? Both are "The War Party" these days - both pursuing hot wars abroad, and an economic and social war on Americans right here at home.

    As such, both are equally destructive to America and Treasonous against our nation and society... and thus the politicians of both are equally deserving of the noose.

    The only political solution which might save us, involves thousands of trials ending with public hangings. But, we will never see this come to pass, and thus, the American people have 'voted' for an even worse alternative - a very un-civil war here at home, and the real possibility of another world-war happening concurrently with our internal reset festivities...


  2. "You need more ammo"
    I'm running out of room to store it. ;)

  3. As soon as it goes loud here, the external players will hit us too; to believe they won't is error. Prepare yourselves for excessive noise and force of arms. My brother LT, I pray we break bread before then, but as we know, that is God's will. Let us pray we - and our unique skillset - are used of Him, and though like always we prepare to be sacrificed, let us proclaim Him - and not go quietly into the dark. We have serious work to do. stormfriend sends

    1. Agreed. There are always vultures, waiting to descend upon the dying, and nations are no different. And who can contend with the Hand of God, whether He extend it in providential protection, or withdraw it to permit chastizement?
      But we live in a nation which has turned its back upon Him, and has made a mockery of His providence, and even scorned His compassion by reviling His Son whom He gave to walk among us for our redemption from sin.
      And I am truly saddened, that my country should invoke Judgement, even demanding it from His hand, with arrogant and spiteful rebellion.
      But as for me and my house, we shall follow the Lord.

      And should that require me to raise arms, in Just defense of life and property, then I shall give my best in that regard, as in all others, and God help them who offend...

  4. "that is God's will. Let us pray we - and our unique skillset - are used of Him, and though like always we prepare to be sacrificed, let us proclaim Him - and not go quietly into the dark."

    Oh.. when the rhetoric is of a christian nature its fine and dandy but when the same thing is said by a muslim, it's bad ? false paradigm anyone ..?

    1. Islam = False 'Religion' - not 'Paradigm'.

      Fixed it for ya...

    2. yuck it up chuckles.

    3. So tell me, then; the last time a Christian beheaded someone for not following Christ, or for the sin of "non-conversion"?
      Here is your paradigm - in this country, at this time in history, it is acceptable to insult Christ and His followers; who will 'turn the other cheek". But if you insult those adherents of the death cult/political system masquerading as "the religion of peace" - i.e. islam, then you are a bigot/racist/hatemonger...
      And to answer your question, yes, it is bad when said by a muslim. The motivation is 180 degrees different. Go read the Quran, anon@925am. Gain understanding. There is no comparison between Christianity and islam. Be glad of that. Most Christian men I know are true patriots. And they don't post without identifying themselves in some way.
      Step up and be recognized, boy. - Grandpa sends

  5. "and His mercy is upon those who fear Him, from generation unto generation.

    He  hath shewed might in his arm:
    He hath scattered the proud in the conceit of their heart.
    He hath put down the mighty from their seat,
    and hath exalted the humble.
    He hath filled the hungry with good things;
    and the rich he hath sent empty away.
    And that servant who knew the will of his lord,
    and prepared not himself, and did not according to his will,
    shall be beaten with many stripes. 
    But he that knew not, and did things worthy of stripes,
    shall be beaten with but a few stripes.

    And unto whomsoever much is given,
    of him much shall be required:
    and to whom they have committed much,
    of him they will demand the more.

    And surely, surely, we have been warned.
    And thus now do we face Judgement...

    1. The admonition of the Lord through His Word, LT. Thank you. And as for anon at 925, remember this well... when we face an honest enemy and a traitor, we deal with the traitor first. Take your p.c. liberal claptrap b.s. with you as you leave. I don't require my patriot brothers to be in Christ, but I do require them to be intelligent. Don't parrot your sound bite mentality here, most of us - including me - are about at the end of our patience. stormfriend sends

    2. Those whom He loves, He also doth test. And if the finest gold must be purified in the furnace seven times, then how much more refinement shall we be subjected to? The servant is not above the master; nor is the laborer who builds above the architect who designs those good things which need building. And if the master be not proud, nor the architect above soiling his hands at labor to build, then how much more are we obliged to humility and productive works. For these are among the fruits of the spirit -  love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control.
      ...wherefore, by their fruits shall ye know them.



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