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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Drudge Takes Notice: Hammonds

Is the evolving goal to prevent taking the Hammonds to prison?

You decide.  You weigh-in.

Here's the link.

Evil is winning.  All that takes is for good men to do nothing...


  1. It really doesn't matter anymore because for all intents and purposes the Republic is dead.

    Citizens won't stand up for themselves and if they won't do that, there is no hope for them or what is left of our country. I'm tired of trying to convince them otherwise. I am disgusted by their laziness to even know what their heritage is, not only as an American, but as a free human being. I am disgusted with their lemming stupidity. I won't live through the worst of the tyranny. Party on.

  2. The Oregonian is one of the most far left papers in the country. I don't know how much of this article is true, if any, pertaining to the Hammonds not wanting any kind of assistance.

    SSI will have a coronary that Ryan Payne is there.

    Why hasn't Stewie butted in yet? I haven't heard a word from OK's.

  3. "Is the evolving goal to prevent taking the Hammonds to prison?"
    My assessment and answer is no, based on the schedule of 'protest activities' listed in the call out posted on the facebook organizing page of
    Oregon Three Percent.
    Their supposed strategy will not succeed in preventing the imprisonment of two Hammond family men.
    Moreover, the bag of sopsey cancer puss has healed up enough to update SSI and deemed one of the organizers to be an "absolutely untrustworthy POS."
    Without question, this explains why none of the other chest puffing, not one more inch backpeddlers and posers of patriotic purity, have intentionally failed to mention anything about the Hammond family since your initial posting. The most notable and deliberate absence of coverage is from pete/wrsa.
    Obviously, the self anointed clique of the III Percent elite did not conceive of, initiate, organize, approve and control, current efforts of the operation to support the Hammond family.
    Genuine patriots are going to chalk up a significant defeat on this mission.
    Treasonous, traitorous, criminal and seditious communist shitbags are going to score an easy victory, on the Hammond family and their supporters.
    sopsey, stewie and their quislings will orgasmically applaud and cheer this defeat in the shadowy cesspool of their white nationalist, statist, communist, post-apocalyptic circle-jerk fantasies.

  4. As mentioned in my previous comment: The return of the pathological liar/provocateur Ryan Payne.

    "Militiamen, ranchers in showdown for soul of Burns."

    Why the Bundys continue to trust this absolutely untrustworthy POS is beyond me. Some of my own posts from the time of the Bundy standoff:

    "Discernment, or lack thereof."

    "Stolen Valor: Ryan Payne Exposed as a Fraud."

    "Fake Ranger sociopath becomes the new poster boy."

    "Southern Preposterous Lie Center strikes again, shaping the propaganda battlefield, trying to excuse future government violence against the Bundys. (And all with the help of the sociopath Ryan Payne.)"

    Posted by Dutchman6 at 1:25 PM

  5. My assessment remains the same: How does one define Victory given the circumstances, and is it attainable given the realities on the ground?

    The only victory I could envision is that the Hammonds do not go to prison. Anything short of that is not a win. FedGov WILL NOT back down on this matter as they did at Bundy Ranch - different paradigm.

    So if there is no win - is there a push? Is there a scenario in which Liberty Forces and Tyrants reach a stalemate? Not one that I can see that doesn't result in the same outcome - Hammonds go to prison. That is not a push for Liberty Forces - that is a loss, no matter how optimistically one tries to spin it.

    The Hammonds will not barricade themselves in the house - they are not those people. There will be no siege forces to Flank & Spank. In my estimation, those men will walk into prison.

    Hardcore reality: Liberty lost this one UNLESS there are people willing to die on this hill. I do not see such men mustering.

    I see talk. I see people interjecting themselves for personal gain - not to fight for Liberty, or even for Right versus Wrong.

    Remember Lexington? Arrest Warrants were in-hand for Hancock & Adams, a significant motivational factor for John Parker & Company to muster. The men on the Green meant that the King's Men would not put hands on Hancock or Adams.

    Until that mettle is met by our modern Countrymen, people like the Hammonds will continue to go to prison - until they are joined by the rest of us.

  6. Well now, pete/wrsa has finally posted
    about the Hammond family.
    The posting and the comments are detestable
    Fuck them.
    Fuck the whole worthless lot of them.

  7. "Remember Lexington? Arrest Warrants were in-hand for Hancock & Adams, a significant motivational factor for John Parker & Company to muster. The men on the Green meant that the King's Men would not put hands on Hancock or Adams."

    But that right there is the difference. Hancock and Adams were more than willing to be part of the fray, part of what needed to be done. Because of that, others were willing to die to help them.

    The Hammonds themselves won't even fight for their own freedom and the locals are falling all over themselves to get away from anyone who might cross anyone of authority.

    It's one thing to stand behind or shoulder to shoulder with someone when they are willing to fight the battle, but when they won't even stand up for themselves why should others die on that hill?

    People refuse to educate themselves and use that knowledge to empower themselves to stand up for the right to be a free person, to be left alone by a evil consortium of men called "government." They would rather be led by the nose and be willing to do as told.

    1. And she drops the mic and exits Stage Right - because there is the issue. Stand tall and others will stand with you - maybe. Do not stand, and you will surely be alone.

    2. You are 8 hours away from Burs Oregon. YOU can Make it by dawn. So hit it and stop trying to push others into doing what you won't.

    3. Rivitman: I have made my position clear regarding the Hammonds. There is no win for Liberty at the Hammonds unless violence is used - and the Hammonds have specifically told us - directly - they do NOT want violence.

      Pay attention and you won't look quite so foolish when you submit a comment.

    4. I dunno. You lay out the situation as unwinnable, then bring up historical context, and the chide people for not acting.

      So who are you blaming? The Hammond's? The locals? The Patriots en-rout or not en-rout?

      The typically American trait of being slow to anger?

      The contradictions are manifest.

    5. Rivitman: The situation is unwinnable given the RoE established by the family. The only 'win' would be to thwart letting the Hammonds go to prison. That only happens 2 ways - .Gov changes its mind and strikes their sentence order, or Patriots violently interdict the surrender - something the Hammonds have expressed clearly to us DIRECTLY they do not condone.

      Blame? The entire situation is a monstrous ClusterFoxtrot because petty bureaucrats abused their power.

      If the Hammonds were to change their own RoE and ask for assistance to avoid going to prison by any means necessary - new ballgame. But that is not the current paradigm.

      It sucks.

  8. Will the TOC be in observance
    of events?
    The 2JAN16 is fast approaching.
    Honestly, if I were the FEDS the
    smart tactical move would be to
    make a hard, brutal and vicious
    arrest sooner rather than later.
    Undoubtedly, they are about to easily
    win another confrontation, but they
    are certainly terrified that events
    may escape their control and blowback
    hard in their faces.

    1. No sir - the TOC is staged 900+ miles to the east, on the eastern edge of the Redoubt. I can't see any justification for the expense in rolling it to the scene given the present circumstances.

      I can't honestly say local III should attend, given the circumstances. We should all be ready to roll - but taking a defensive position and posture only to let the Bad Guys win without a fight, which is what looks like is going to happen, is the worst possible option.

  9. Lastly, just for the record
    and clarity, none of my previous
    comments were directed at the
    Hammond family. That would be
    like berating a female rape victim
    for having a vagina.
    I can be an asshole, but I'm not
    that big of an asshole.
    No, my comments were directed
    at the despicable cast of 'not one more
    inchers,' statists, white nationalists
    and communists hiding behind a despicable
    scapegoating of the Hammond's.
    A pool that was greatly enlarged (dragged
    kicking and screaming into the antiseptic
    of harsh sunlight) by your correctly expanded
    and necessary use of IFF.
    Its no wonder those same above mentioned
    shitbags kicked, screamed and cursed
    those (IFF) efforts as if they were watching satan
    rape Mary Magdalene.


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