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Thursday, December 24, 2015


Did the worst attack on the United States since Pearl Harbor, 9/11, have nothing to do with the Islamic faith?

Did Fort Hood and the San Bernardino massacres, the London subway bombings and the killings at Charlie Hebdo, as well as the slaughter at the Bataclan in Paris, have nothing to do with Islam?

Does the lengthening list of atrocities by terrorist cells of ISIS, Boko Haram, al-Qaida, al-Shabaab and the Nusra Front have nothing to do with Islam? Is it really illiberal to inquire “into the religious opinions” of those who perpetrate these atrocities? Or is it suicidal not to?

There has arisen a legitimate question as to whether Islamism can coexist peacefully with, or within, a post-Christian secular West.


Every point PJB makes about Islam and the West is on target.  Muslims are a threat.  

Just remember Islam and her Useful Idiots are being used as a tool by those among us who mean to be Masters.  The the puppet masters pulling those strings are not Imams.  The EBT/FSA crowd vastly outnumbers and ranks higher on your immediate Threat Matrix than all of Mo's Morons in Dearborn - or should, anyway.  And even higher than those Great Wastes should be the Political Class and Bankster Class and their Useful Idiots.


As you sit with family and friends over the next week or so, take a hard, cold, assessment of each.  When the world gets ugly, where will they stand - with you, or against your interests? 

Did your sister marry an idiot who you IFF as vulnerable to the safety of your wife and children?  Might he flip to a guy in a trench coat and a Luger?  Be ruthless - how many of the 'friends and family' with whom you will sit and break bread will be likely targets versus allies when the Big Ugly begins?  Is your Auntie a drop-a-dime Marxist/Liberal who will tell Uncle Sugar about your stash of rice & beans?

I asked a similar question during my Thanksgiving 2014 post, which bunched the panties at the Mason Dixon compound in a most grievous manner (His panties...).  Seems I ruined their family meal - by posing a question.  

The future of the republic is upon the shoulders of men and women willing to do the Hard Things.  Such is the real III.

If Hard Questions are 'distasteful' - folks, you are on the wrong site.

Standing Orders of the III Percent

I: Stand your ground...

II: Do not fire unless fired upon...

III: If they mean to have a war, let it begin here (Defend Yourselves!)...

IV: When war is begun, go find something Evil and kill it...


  1. In any war of ideologies, the most committed wins.
    Period. Full stop.

    So, if you do not have the stomach to eliminate certain folks in your camp who you know are 1) enemies of liberty, or 2) lack the mental fortitude necessary to resist being "flipped" by the enemies of liberty - be they extended family, "friends", co-workers, etc., then you need to make arrangements for someone else to take out your trash...

    Otherwise, your duty is to advise all your patriot friends that you are obliged to sit this one out, due to a lack of intestinal fortitude. Seriously.
    To endanger others because you lack the balls necessary to clean your own front porch, dances well nigh on the border of treason against liberty. When things are hot and lives are at stake, failure to protect fellow patriots from a commie family member whom you have failed to deal with, may be interpreted as a wilfull choice to stand with the king and take his coin...

    We will each be held to account for the actions of everyone in our household. Therefore we must choose with the greatest of care, whom we shall permit to live under our roof, and be covered by our countenance. And if we would prevent judgement against us coming from without, then we must practice the strictest of judgement against our own.

    And may God forgive us the things which we must do...

  2. Once things get sporty, we will all be required to administer preemptive rounds of justified, inexorable official justice to enemies of Liberty. Whether they are members of city councils or ones own brother in law, the removal of any and all threats will be critical to our mission. Always keeping in mind that they are the ones that strive towards our enslavement. They've earned all of the retribution that will be visited upon them. We will be called upon to do the Lord's work in fighting this evil. Do not shrink from your responsibilty.

  3. Tone Deaf - amen, brother. Each must start by cleaning his own front porch. As distasteful as this may sound, it is the most Just way to begin.

    The rhetorical question at the heart of the matter is simple enough - would you rather that strangers meet out justice amongst your family, knowing so little as they most probably will, or would you rather shoulder the burden yourself?

    A stranger willing to do hard things, will most likely leave no children to come for vengeance at a later date, whereas you can make a finer cut, and save as much of your family as possible.

    The choice is yours, unless you abdicate it to strangers...



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