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Monday, December 14, 2015

So, Daily Kos wants a war, too...



  1. That proposal reads like a commies wet dream for gun control. Shut down every gun seller for an audit? Question every gun owner where the firearm is? It will never happen as this POS asserts. But it is quite concerning that there are asshats that think this is an option. End gun violence by sanctioned raids on legal gun owners with ROE of "take no incoming fire - lethal means authorized". The irony of that statement is lost on the useful idiot.

    Like LT said they're making a final concerted push. The EU is pushing for a semi auto ban via Cameron, even though most countries have one in place already.

    If you have bought a firearm recently, get it out of the safe and start practicing. Get proficient in its use. We don't have much time left.

  2. Try that and he will get a war. Be careful what you ask for.

  3. And... there's the payday quote -
    "b) massive (armed) civil unrest when we pull a Greece and shove a total economic collapse onto the American taxpayer?
    Rationed water, electric, heat, food and fuel and a 65% tax on your income."

    They not only know that the collapse is coming, but they've built their plans around it... to them, it is a *required feature*.

    Get it?

    Therefore all the crap which is coming to pass, is no accident. While many of the events which we have witnessed over the last 50 years are 'impromptu', the conditions precipitating them are absolutely intentional.

    Those who seek to destroy us all agree upon the 'How?", even if they don't agree upon the question of who shall rule afterwards.
    There are factions within factions, and hatreds within hatred; and the looneyist of the bedbugs have made of themselves princes of madeness, with great flowing trains of adoring co-lunatics, ever present to affirm their every defective imagining.

    For 5,000 years, the typical life of Homo Sapiens has been getting easier, longer, and less demanding. Where once the iron-clad laws of nature assured that the fitness of every individual was tested regularly, we now see entire societies of people who have never faced hardship. Ever. Not even for a day.

    And they have grown into the delusion that they have a "right" to be insulated from hardship. And they believe that "the group" has the power to give this "right" to them. To their defective imagining, the only problem in this equation is the individuals who don't comply with the group impulse - you and I - and they believe that, by a further deformation of the group mentality (and a little use of force) they can "fix" the group and make it complete, all powerful, and perfect - thus, they beileve, it will be able to protect them, and everyone else, perfectly, forever.

    And with entire masses of humanity stridently believing such hogwash, the movements which "represent" the people of this belief have been taken over, by those who imagine a very different utopia - something which might best be illustrated as a hybrid between Soylent Green, and Frank Herbert's 'Dune'...


  4. Howdy patriots. I really enjoy all the real tough talk here. I am always fascinated by the whole not another inch, then the government takes a giant shit on everyone and moves the line back 10 feet. Then slowly but surely the true patriots proclaim not another inch, then the government proceeds to shit over everyone again. And don't give me the whole, well, when they come for my guns with force, that will be the TRUE line. Really??? When they come for the guns with force, it will be too late. As always, semper fi patriots !!!

    Also, war with them ??? The only individuals you gotta worry about are the order followers, because these are the people who are physically assualting, killing and kidnapping us with force and death.

    Mark Passio - The Cult Of Ultimate Evil - Order-Followers

    Statism: The Most Dangerous Religion

    The Philosophy of Liberty

    1. Anon: Let me help you with a little roadmap to the internet.

      The 'Not one more inch Crowd' can be found at Sipsey. The "I'm a real Patriot Trainer and my day job is driving you to jail for .Gov" crowd can be found over at Mason Dixon - white sheets required. The 'Fuck the Constitution and Intellectual Honesty" crowd can be found at WRSA. The "Hey, I can teach you all the tactics and leadership you need via online courses - because I'm the best 'Leader' there's ever been" can be found at DTG. For your daily dose of Camel Toe, begging for plea deals and sending 'Aunt Polly' to stalk women (a lie revealed under oath, by the way) - then Ken's place is thataway. For the red-headed hoe with the ball in her mouth dreaming of a Kenny/Miller/et al sammich, you can find her at Ken's place. When you want a FedGov teat-suckling slug to bail on a Patriot project and then try to tear it all down to cover his failures, just follow the stench of cat urine.

      What you see here is a group of serious people who get real work done and prepare themselves to take point when this joke of a society implodes and America needs real men and women once more to step up and take out the garbage. We back-fist idiots who get in our way and make them scurry away like the little bitch rats they are - and we move forward.

      I hope that helps clear up the landscape a bit for you.

  5. "For the red-headed hoe with the ball in her mouth dreaming of a Kenny/Miller/et al sammich"

    EWWWW! That was an image I could have done without.

  6. I reiterate what I stated above - there are masses of useful idiots who *believe* that unicorns crap skittles, and that "free" stuff really exists; and then there are the truly malevolent, evil monsters who have commandeered leadership of the political parties to which the useful idiots give their loyalty - and these "leaders" actually desire to impose universal slavery, misery, and death upon all of humanity. It is these "leaders" which humanity has both a need and a duty to rid itself of...urgently.



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