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Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Trump & Immigration

Trump isn't "desperate". It is his critics, like Shapiro, who are growing increasingly desperate. Ben is projecting. "The latest Rasmussen Reports (Dec. 4) weekly Trump Change survey finds that 68% of Likely Republican Voters believe Trump is likely to be their party’s nominee next year, up from 53% two weeks ago." And recent events in San Bernardino only helped Trump's cause.

It is not "idiotic" to say that banning Muslims from entering the country is the only way to stop terror attacks like the one that occurred in San Bernardino because doing so would have stopped the terror attack in San Bernardino. That being said, it's true, that won't stop all Muslim terror attacks; the only way to do that will be to repatriate all Muslims to the Dar al-Islam. Which, sooner or later, is exactly what will eventually happen across all the parts of the West that stay West.

The Preamble to the Constitution trumps both the Constitution and the Amendments. The citizenship that can be granted by the stroke of a government pen, can be taken away by the stroke of a government pen as well. Citizens are not nationals and the Nation trumps the State.

There are a billion Muslims on Earth. None of them have to live in the West. It is neither immoral nor impractical to suggest that Muslims should live in the House of Submission and to refuse to permit them to bring war to the House of War. Furthermore, it is not only impractical, it is both ahistorical and utterly impossible, to expect large quantities of Muslims to live in the West in peace. They will not. They never have. Shapiro is demanding the Muslims stop being Muslims, a much greater offense to them and their religion than not permitting them to colonize the West.

Our foreign intelligence apparatus in the Muslim world is practically nonexistent anyhow. And it obviously escapes Shapiro that we will not need a domestic intelligence apparatus spying on Muslims if there are no domestic Muslims on whom to spy.

Here's the link.


  1. I wonder how many among us have actually taken the time to understand the basic mechanics of muslim thought? Because to develop usable intelligence we *must* understand their logic - which differs substantially from our own - and be able to apply it to the features and events of our particular AOs to relaible effect. Otherwise, we are operating blind when it comes to securing our communities, as most of Fed.Gov is operating blind because they *refuse* to accept that islamic logic is disparate from (and incompatible with) western logic.

    Please comment if you feel you know -

    * what are the 5 pillars (duties) of islam
    * What are the two 'houses' if islam
    * What is a Hadith; a Summah, a Fatwa?
    * Can you receite the five Khamsa (categories) of behavior, and at least the top 25 Ahkam (commands) to which all muslims are bound?
    * What are the 4 stages of Jihad (as taught in the Hadiths)?
    * What are the Sharia and the Fiqh, and how do they work together?
    * Who may issue Fatwa, and upon what topics?
    * Can you briefly explain the basic difference between: Maliki, Shafi'i, Hanafi, Ismali, Ibadi, Ahmadi, and Sufi? Do you know which pose the greater/lesser security risk?
    * Why do (most) muslims deny that any translation of the Quran is fully valid?

    Someone in your community needs to know and understand the above pivot points of the islamic logic (and ideally much more).... preferably several someones. Otherwise, you are at risk of being blindsided by this enemy.


  2. So you are saying that as an American I am not free to also be Muslim, or a Wiccan, or a Scientologist, or a Baptist? I personally think they are all about equally crazy, but I will defend the right of every American to worship however they want. Anybody who disagrees needs to go back and read the constitution.

    1. When you have an ideology that incites treason and war against the United States and the American people, you do not get to practice that as a "religion" and do whatever you want, and I don't care if you are a Muslim, a Wiccan, a Scientologist, a Baptist, or the head Elder in the Church of Bat Shit Crazy.

      Rightful Liberty does not mean you get to do whatever you feel like doing, whether in the name of religion or any thing else. You can believe whatever you like, but when you start infringing on anyone else's rights (like breathing and living) your rights end.

      I would also suggest you get a tutor to help you with your understanding of the Constitution.

    2. See if this works into your idea of Constitutional rights.


    3. As an American, you are free to engage in whatever 'religion' you find fit. But for those who are *not Americans*, our government has the right and yes, the DUTY to prevent from immigrating to, or even entering upon American soil, any single person, and any classification or category of persons, who'se entry upon US soil is against the national interests of the United States. It is the duty of the President, to so order any and all such prohibitions upon immigration and even upon non-immigrant entry, for any and every cause which is detrimental to the interests, security, or wellbeing of these United States, and their citizens.

      This is codified in the 8th book of the United States Code, Sections 1180~1182 inclusive, which reads in part:
      -8-USC-1182(f) Suspension of Entry or Imposition of Restrictions by President -
      Whenever the President finds that the entry of any aliens or class of aliens into the United States would be detrimental to the interests of the United States, he may by proclamation, and for such period he shall deem necessary, suspend the entry of all aliens or any class of aliens, as immigrants or nonimmigrants, or impose on the entry of aliens any restrictions he may deem apropriate to serve and promote the interests of the United States.

      Someone ought to explain to this fool that even a lame duck can be impeached for abdication of the Duties of Office...

    4. Anon: You predicate your position on the assumption that Islam is a 'Religion'.

    5. Rightful liberty is unobstructed action according to our will within limits drawn around us by the equal rights of others.

      I read that somewhere.

    6. Rightful Liberty can only exist between two parties with equal respect for one another. Once that peace is broken - you know, by murdering people at a party, or chopping hjeads off Christians because of their beliefs, or drowning people in cages - they get beaten back into their caves by Men with sticks until they can once again join society.

    7. K you are exactly correct "two parties with equal respect" You are disrespecting all good AMERICAN muslims by equating them with foreign terrorists. I suspect you might change your tune when they start coming for your religion whatever that may be. I agree that religion of any stripe is a dangerous thing. But as an American I also believe in freedom. Muslim does not equal terrorist.

    8. I'm sorry - I must have missed the memo naming all those 'Good American Muslims' who are out there every day fighting to get their 'Radical' brethren to STFU and stand down.

      I can honestly say I have met more than a handful of 'Good LEO' - men I would trust at my back. I have not yet met that 'Good Muslim'.

    9. K - You never met them so you assume that they do not exist? I know that I served alongside plenty of them. I also know plenty of self-righteous so called patriots that say nothing when their brethren commit atrocities. I don't have to agree with them to fight for their rights as Americans or to respect them as people.

    10. You are correct - I have never met an 'American Muslim' who is leading an organization denouncing his 'radical' brothers.

      We do not import cobras for a reason. Until we can separate the 'Good' Muslims from the rest - they all stay outside CONUS. Unless you are willing to put up your daughters as collateral for every woman or child these fuckers rape or murder on our shores? You know, they kill one American woman or girl - we kill one of your daughters/your mom/auntie, etc. Even if you agree - no deal. Fuck Islam - it is NOT a religion - it is a political system of conquest, and serious people fo NOT have to argue ad infinitum to the enf point.

      Face facts - none of the 'Good Muslims' with whom you served are doing one single task to end their murderous brethren - for a reason.

    11. K - I completely understand people being concerned about protecting their families. We all should be, but acting like the reason is anything but fear and hatred of the latest so called boogeyman that your government has been feeding you a line of bullshit about is ridiculous. You sheep are scared of the goats because the wolves tell you you should be. Meanwhile the wolves are slaughtering goats and leaving you sheep holding the bag.

      You seem like an intelligent guy who understands that it is not all black and white and I appreciate that you are willing discuss things rationally, but there are many others who are not able to see the gray area of reality because of fear and hate.

    12. Of course I see the gray areas - there are gray areas regarding cobras as well. I simply draw the line in a different place than do you - quarantine all incoming Ebola patients, even the 'Good Ones'. Quarantine all the Muslims until they prove themselves.

    13. Pardon me, K, but my BS meter just exploded -

      You, anonymous idiot. Fuck off. You haven't a clue what you are talking about. I've studied the quran in detail, as well as the Surra and Hadiths. I lived among them for a number of years (not all of them as a soldier, either).
      ALL islam is RADICAL islam. There is no effing "moderate" contingent. Each muslim must consider how he will contribute to jihad, but the Quran and hadiths are quite clear - the biggest rewards in "heaven" go to those who pick up 'the great sword' and go a conquering for muhamad and his system of world domination.
      More than 30 times in the quran itself, it is stated that just *being* a Kafer (infidel) is worse than committing murder, and thus it is 100% A.O.K. to punish them by cutting off their heads.
      THAT is islam.
      THAT is what they believe.

      What the ever-lasting fuck is moderate about that?!? Zip, zilch, nada, busted kiddo. Go back to chewing gum and get some practice, ok? You're outta your league, here.

      Whether they pick up the sword themselves, or finance those who do with their Zakat payments to the mosque, it is the same - they all believe in the law of Jihad, and choose to actively contribute to the advancing of islam's world domination.

      And understand, they haven't "outgrown" their violent traditions, either. Even muslims who have grown up in western countries and converted as adults are full-on board with the Sharia, the beheadings, the Dhimmitude, and all islam's other 'charms'.

      A quote from Imam Chowdry, a British National by birth said, C.2013 -"Democracy and Islam cannot coexist. We believe that Allah is the Supreme Legislater, the Supreme Judge, and the Supreme Leader of the whole world - democracy goes entirely against this. There is no such thing as a democratic muslim, that is ridiculous; About as ridiculous as calling someone a Christian Jew (sic)..."

      Chowdry speaks the truth - there is an utter and irreparable incompatibility between islam and Western Society. They cannot coexist. And because islam commands its adherents to kill all non-adherents (thereby reducing all religious, political and other thought down to a rigid monoculture) it must be 100% quarantined wherever it may crop up, and ultimately be destroyed completely... just like Rabies, Ebola, or any other lethal virus.

      islam -

    14. I agree with KT we should get rid of all muslims. And also shoot all of the domestic terrorists who speak out against the government. We should also deport all of the moderates who think that anti-government speech should be allowed.

    15. Anon: Let's be very careful about your second and third statements - they are very subjective and 1A is a fundamental cornerstone of the republic. People can 'say' almost (ALMOST) anything and should be protected. What the 'DO' however - that can lead to corrective measures.

      I have held many times: Enemies of Liberty should be first invited to sit down and STFU and live in peace. If they refuse, they should be given a window of opportunity to leave with all their possessions. If they still refuse - mount bayonets and march them over the borders or onto outbound ships.

      Still refuse? Then becoming Good Commies is on the table.

    16. LT - You think that you get to choose who gets 1st amendment rights and who does not based on whether YOU think their beliefs are dangerous? I think that YOUR beliefs are dangerous, but until those beliefs become actions you are free to believe and speak as you wish, even if your beliefs and speech are reprehensible.

      Even though I believe that this country would be better off without bigots like you I will still defend your right to spout nonsense. I also cannot blame you personally for acts committed by those who have similar beliefs.

      That is what makes this country great. The constitution was written with fuckwits like you in mind. That is why the 1st amendment came 1st.

    17. I grow so weary of idiots posting anonymously - can't you guys even muster the courage to adopt a pseudonym or handle?

    18. "By their fruits shall we know them"

      Using anonymity to incite conflict is age-old, and has ever been a trick of evil.

      The anonymous ramblings here and elsewhere are but the latest rendition of "shouting fire in a crowded theatre", and should be properly labeled as such.

      Thus they push the bounds of any rational definition of "protected speech". Their intention is to fatigue and test our tolerance... to see if we know what the rightful bounds of tolerance actually are. So let me just clear up that question:

      Christian tolerance is that act of Grace by which we, as believers, recognize an act (or series of acts) to be evil. However, because the punishment for said act(s) would be more harmful (to the community) than the sins themselves; while the judgement remains valid, the punishment is set aside as an act of charity.

      Christian tolerance ends when the sum of the sins (evil acts) exceeds the harm to the community which would be caused by punishing them. Thus, the punishment for *all* of said sins becomes due and payable at the very point where our Just Tolerance is breached.

      In this, there is no disagreement - tolerance can delay punishment, but cannot annul the Judgement itself, nor the punishment which is due; for these are appointed by God, not man.

      To grant permission beyond the bounds of tolerance is not the act of a faihful Christian - it is in fact a sin unto itself, the sin of abetting evil, and of failing to admonish those whom we are obliged to call to repentance.


  3. LT,
    I could answer the 1st question and parts of others but that's it. I guess I have a lot of studying to do so as to be able to state fact when questioned about the evils of islam.

    Is islam being used as a tool by the globalists to create chaos or is islam a separate evil?

    I do know three things about islam though.
    It is a satanic "religion" created by a pedophile while demonically possessed.
    They are cowards that will only attack when they have either superior numbers or a soft target.
    They bleed when shot.

    1. ToneDeaf - yes, islam is satanic, and yes those who practice it submit to demonic possession. That is why they all operate in a sphere of demonic logic, as opposed to a Human or Godly frame of thought and contemplation.
      They are obsessive/Compulsive about doing as much harm and evil as they can possibly fit between the bookends of their lives, which are the laws and precepts of the islamic cult. Thus, if we are to be on our best guard against their demonic machinations, we must at least have a working model of their thought-mechanics upon which to rely for guidance... simply hoping that they will think and assess things as a rational person would is a faulty approach, because they are neither sane nor rational. The compulsion to serve evil by doing evil is, for them, so potent as to overtake reason and logic; to replace reason with compulsive thought patterns, and to drown out logic with repetitive orations which they call "prayer".
      I.E. they all break out yelling "Allahu Akhbar", whenever an enemy suffers misfortune, even if they didn't cause it. The irony is that what "Allahu Akhbar" means is literally translated as "Our god is greatest"... so they directly attribute every occurrence which harms a non-muslim as a direct act of their Allah. And yet, one of the precepts of islam is that allah is 'unknowable and unfathomable , exalted above any association with the world of matter', except through the words of their prophet Muhammad.
      Chew on that for a moment: An unknowable, unreachable god, who has no contact with the world of man; but to whom they attribute every good thing in their lives, and even more ridiculously, every bad thing which happens to non-believers.

      Their entire way of life is contructed upon such first-order cognative dissonances. If they weren't possessed by demons, then they'd surely go insane trying to keep all that craziness ductaped together inside their heads!!


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