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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Are we in the actual 'Crash'?

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  1. Canada, Australia, Brazil are all in confirmed recessions.
    China's growth numbers are as manipulated if not more than the US.
    Europe is being overran by muslim invaders which is having a direct impact on the economies of Europe.
    Japan has never gotten out of their recession from the '90s.
    The middle eastern economies are having to cut there subsidized food, gas and other things due to the loss of revenue from the drop in oil profits. This will have the same effect as cutting off the EBT/welfare payments here. The subjects of these countries will start rioting soon. Trust me.
    Oil is tanking hard(pun intended) as are all commodities.
    Gold and Silver are up.
    10 year bonds are down below 2%.

    I can not stress enough, get your preps in order now! Do not take a wait and see approach.

  2. Tonedeaf is correct - if you've been putting off finishing your prepps, NOW is the time to do so.
    Because it's all down hill, from here to the sea...


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