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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Bundy listened at town meeting, did not speak...



  1. I drove pass all of those fools that don't have enough sense to come in out of the rain. It POURED yesterday in Eugene yesterday.

    They are against the occupation of a Federal property when it's not THEIR cause but I will remind everyone that these same fools supported Occupy Eugene for 1/2 a year as they occupied the Federal building grounds. There was trash everywhere, they were too lazy to walk a block over where the porta potties were. They were shitting and pissing in the planters!

  2. I saw Anthony Bosworth was booted from the meeting last night.

    That silly sports jacket and ridiculous hat. Yes that was Bosworth.

  3. I've noticed the 'Patriot' B Team has been showing up recently. From Culper to Bosworth to OK National and beyond. Lil' Red Mikey will endorse soon, then it is really over. ;)

    I wonder how many of these folks are showing up with truckloads of provisions for donation...

    You set the bar too high for them all.

    1. When will the "Patriot" minors team step up?

      WC, Bugs Barry, Daffy Dodge, WRSA. They have all had a lot to say about us but still no action on their part.

      Ineffective and Impotent the lot of them.

    2. They won't - that's why they will forever be the minor leaguers. Of that bunch Pete is the only one who has ever put his own boots on the ground for Liberty in America.

    3. My reference to WRSA was not intended for Pete himself, but for the Racist, Joo Hating, emotionally immature Misogynists that frequent his site.

      And don't get me started on the Fuckin' Anarchists there.

  4. Tonedeaf, re: the Racist, Joo Hating, emotionally immature Misogynists

    Yeah - They're everywhere, they're everywhere.

    For now.

    But do you honestly think they'll fare well, when civil society is a vague memory, and lead is in the air like bugs in summer?

    Fundamentally, it is obvious that they will have more enemies than just about anybody else, because they've made the worst strategic error possible - stirring up animosity and burning bridges with (nearly) all of their would-be allies, before the fun even begins.


    And Justice possesses many forms...

  5. http://chariotofreaction.blogspot.com/2012/08/alaska-weird-but-sane.html?m=1


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