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Friday, January 8, 2016

Idaho III Percent Call-Out for Malheur

**3% of Idaho Official Call to Action and Press Release**

FROM: Pacific Patriots Network and 3% of Idaho 

PRESS RELEASE - 08 January 2016

Re: Immediate Call to Action

In response to concerns of Federal agencies intervening at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge, The Pacific Patriot Network (PPN) and its associated organizations are releasing an Immediate Call to Action to secure a perimeter around the Wildlife Refuge; it’s occupiers, and the citizens of Harney County.

We wish to establish a safety perimeter of protection for the occupiers so as to prevent a Waco-style situation from unfolding during this peaceful occupation. The primary intention of this outer-ring is to bear witness to any aggressive action initiated by federal agencies or the occupiers, and to encourage an open dialogue towards a peaceful resolution. We will serve as a neutral third-party intermediary to prevent bloodshed.

In congruence with the concerns of the citizens of Harney County, The PPN and its affiliated organizations will operate with respect and professionalism so as to not elevate fears within the community. As outsiders, we recognize our responsibility to maintain both peace and civility during our presence. To further demonstrate our non-aggressive posture, military style or tactical clothing will not be authorized for this operation. It is imperative that the Nation recognizes the importance and sanctity of all lives in this situation. While the PPN does not condone nor encourage the execution of the Wildlife Refuge occupation, we have a duty and responsibility to ensure that a peaceful resolution is reached.

3% of Idaho and Pacific Patriots Network Mission Statement-
The primary mission is the prevention of any bloodshed. A-Teams have been deployed to ensure peaceful and professional conduct by all County, State and Federal Agencies & Citizens for Constitutional Freedom. We understand and respect this is an emotionally charged issue and will stand to bear witness and prevent any escalation or hostile action from either side. In the event of inappropriate action, A-Teams will respond accordingly. A-Teams are prohibited from entering onto the grounds of the wildlife refuge occupation and from any display of overt tactical presence that would cause concern to the community. If requested, we will act as an intermediary to enhance direct communication between all parties involved. Be safe and God Speed.

If you can go and help, please get in contact with myself so we can get you plugged into a team and a detail. Please understand that we need to keep organization for this mission and we are in direct contact with the Individuals at the Refuge as well as officials in Harney County. We are also gaining support of the community and it is important that we maintain that support so please coordinate through us so we do not overwhelm the town and loose support. Please do not just "show up" as this could compromise security. Thank you!

FB Link - here.

Pacific Patriots Network - here.


  1. So, help me out here. Oregon Threepers forsake those guys. Idaho Threepers are gonna rally.

    What is it that the home boys don't know or are unwilling to do?

    1. I have no insights - perhaps the tide is beginning to turn? One of our III Society members is making a humanitarian run today with food & warm clothing. Will update later.

    2. I have to agree but must qualify my statement. That area is not my AO. These folks are not my tribe. We may share the same ideals but having never met any of the players it would only be an assumption. I also wonder regarding the Oregon III's and their hands off attitude. Scared? Springtime patriots? They know some shiz people like my in the outer lying areas dont? Assumptions again, but it does make me wonder. Good on Idaho for lending comfort pkgs.

    3. Its a complex situation. As you know K, there were even some groups saying they are III% for for support of law enforcement. The Oregon situation is always going to be colored by the "home rule" movement that goes back to local fiefdoms run by Sheriffs and the posse groups that support them, so a bunch of those groups had re-branded themselves in the last several years as "III% Patriots" when it became the "in" thing, especially in the growth of websites like WRAM after they did their spinoff from the original website with a similar name.

      These guys are always really going to be pro-government and supportive of the local courts, and the federal court system here, it is just local courts and local judges and prosecutors applying federal law, it's not like other places where the feds are an entirely different world.

      I could discuss this more, but you kept ignoring my contact attempts on facebook and elsehwere.

  2. You know this shit is fucked up, right?

    It's a function of leadership in my opinion. It's not cohesive and there is no hierarchy.

    Always gonna be a Chinese clusterfuck.

    1. Leadership in regards to the Refuge in particular, or the broader 'Liberty Movement'?

    2. Alan. A lot of it is a function of leadership alright, but notice that there's not any lack of leaders. The cup runneth over, eh?

      Time to get it through your thick skull already...authority is a matter of CONSENT. Otherwise it's just plain brute power. Y'know, like that self-evident truth that the Founders wrote in the DofI that you conveniently never mention?

      Remember? That a government can only acquire just power through the CONSENT of the governed? They didn't write it in lemon juice, but somehow you never see it.

      You speak of forcing men to their "manly duties"...never happened, never will. Sure, some got drafted--forced--to fight for oil and poppies too. Is that seriously what you're looking for now? You think an army of robot slaves might stop this madness? Newsflash...it's gonna take MINDS. Yes, and maybe more than a few rifles. But hell man, you don't even know what organ of the body causes a trigger to be squeezed. Clue: it ain't the finger.

      Those men in Oregon did what THEY chose, and so far they haven't hurt a soul. Americans can stand with 'em or agin' 'em. They can support however they choose, or they can whine about what fools they be. But it was THEIR action and THAT'S the damn point...either Americans are free to do as they choose ("within limits drawn around us by the equal rights of others") or they aren't. It's an either-or and it's a simple choice; what Sam Adams or Alexander Hamilton jacked off to, really has nothing to do with anything.

      Always some "bigger issue," some "higher cause," isn't it? Someone finally stood up and said, "Hey look, these assholes are stopping us from living and we're not gonna put up with it any more." And most "Patriots" are busy looking for OTHER causes and OTHER leadership and OTHER reasons. Feh...like their lives and choices aren't cause enough, or reason enough.

      Alright, that wasn't really for you Alan. I know you're trying, and you're doing pretty well. Those are the PRINCIPLES involved and there's never gonna be a WIN unless people understand what there is to be won. Their lives, that's all.

  3. As long as che continues to muddy the waters.... even as he rots away in his final months. Thinking about attending the wake.

  4. Broader Liberty Movement. Frankly, the dudes in the Refuge appear to know what they're doing.

    1. The 'hierarchy' in the online arena is filled with keyboard warriors who want to be girlfriends, not Men. Until that changes, nothing changes. That's why there is so much hate being spewed at the Refuge guys from online in 'The Movement' - the Men are doing real work - everyone else is just doing what cliques of little girls do...


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