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Thursday, January 21, 2016

It is not 'Government'...

...it is a large group of individual people working in concert and with coercive force to impose their will upon the rest of us.


  1. The fact that these two women are gloating over how they swindled two WW2 Vets out of their mine claim, appraised at 40 mil. for 2 1/2 mil. shows they have no heart. So center mass shots will not work. Head shots? They have no brains either. How the hell does one deal with zombie .Gov Employees?

    1. I like the way you think LT.

      Or we slash their abdomens just above the groin area, then punch them in the stomach causing their intestines and other vitals to spill out and throw them in with some hungry hogs. Hogs will eat anything. Can you imagine watching your guts being eaten while you're still conscious?

  2. @Tonedeaf - first you shoot 'em in the hips. Very painful, but not immediately lethal... but it sure does immobilize 'em.

    Then, the next day, you have the ranchers drive an entire herd of cattle into a stampede towards them, so as to over-run their position and trample them all to death.

    Evil always deserves it's end, so never worry about "over doing it".

  3. This is rich. From WRSA...

    "To be an ally, one does not need to see eye to eye with another.

    Common benefit in common cause.

    For the task at hand.

    No one has enough people for everything to be done."

  4. Ha, so I ask about Kerodin over there at WRSA on their "we gotta work together even if we don't get along!" piece. Disappeared into the ether. Imagine that :)

    1. When there is no Intellectual Honesty, there is nothing of value that can possibly be achieved.

    2. Without intelectual honesty, or at least something resembling consistency, no valid dialog is possible.

      Funny, how this closely resembles the pointless games by which the political left exasperates and exhausts those of real conservative disposition...

      And contemplating this, I had a sudden burst of insight, by way of my primary education in geometry, to whit -

      A is congruent to B; and
      B is congruent to C; then
      A is congruent to C.

      That is, A and C are the same, to whatever extent the observation and measurement of said objects may be relied upon.

      Does this necessarily mean that they're communists, or muslims? No. But it does mean that they are just as intractable as either of those groups.


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